Thursday, 7 January 2010

Master Cylinder arrives...

It's shiny... it's brand new... it's dual barrel circuit... it's going to be the shiniest thing under the bonnet!!

It's a master cylinder (obviously), and the boys needed a dual barrel circuit master cylinder so that the front disc brakes can be fed (through a booster) separately to the rear (drum) brakes.

Oh, and just to make the purists cringe... it's actually a HQ Holden Master Cylinder!! ;-)


  1. Correction,... It's a dual circit master cylinder which is not a factory HQ Holden master cylinder, but a much better aftermarket item that will suit different applications. However will still need to make a bracket to fit it and also plumb some new brake lines. Pftt, brackets, new plumbing,.... lucky we got a great team.

  2. Dual circuit, dual barrel... Tomato tomato... potato potato let's call the whole thing off!!

  3. Hip hip hooray we have a dual circuit master cylinder today, so lets not fight about how where what and when lets just get on with the job.With the you two at the helm it will be in the BOOGER MOBILE as quick as a flash.When the bracket is ready which I know will be a perfect masterpiece as you are quite the experts at making them now, and I m sure it won t be the last one you make.
    I know Scottie is chanting at the bit to get back into working on the B/M So Damian you better be up nice and early with the coffee brewing for when he arrives to start the long day.
    Can you imangine my shock and horror too see that there was already two comments on the blog.
    Have a great weekend TEAM BOOGER MOBILE I look forward to reading the next exciting blog on the BOOGER MOBILES progress

  4. Love the updates.
    Like the coffee brewing Dammienn, Booger willl bbe like Maconna - worth waiting for...........