Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sump-thing needed adjusting!!

Regular followers of the Booger Mobile blog may be aware of the slight clearance issue that the boys had when installing the slightly taller 250 pre-crossflow engine...

For those in need of a recap, basically the sump isn't clearing the engine cross-member by enough distance, so the boys had the options of a) removing the cross-member (knocked on the head due to the issue of lack of strength), b) lowering the cross-member by making a new mount for it (this is still an option for if adjusting the sump doesn't work, but requires the use of a titanium plate or something, therefore is a small issue), or c) doing sump-thing to adjust the sump (the big bit that hangs beneath the engine and holds the oil).

Since the boys have a spare 250 pre-crossflow engine for parts, they decided building a new sump was the best option to begin with!

Here's the engine block with sump still attached, sitting upside down ready to be adjusted... or sump-thing... (Get used to the sump-thing joke, it's going to be used sump-thing like a dozen times in this blog!!)

After removing the flywheel and doing a couple of cursory scratches on the side or sump-thing, Scottie began cutting!

Here it is, the new, converted sump... doesn't hold much oil now though!!

Meanwhile, Damian was busily painting sump-thing black!! It's how he rolls...

After many adjustments, and some adjusting with panel-beating tools, the (now somewhat smaller) section of the sump was ready to be reattached...

Partially welded, sump-thing wasn't quite right... The area where Scottie is pointing the blowtorch isn't the right shape to be welded, so he decided to heat it and beat it into submission!!

As you can see, it's glowing red hot, and the kink is all but gone... Top work, Scottie!!

And what was Damian doing during all this? You guessed it... he was painting more stuff black!!

Of course, after the section of the sump-thing had been shortened, the connecting piece needed to be adjusted and beaten into submission... Again, Scottie is the man for the job!!

Tired of painting things black, Damian turned his talents to applying foam tape to random items, in this case, the roof rack. The tape should make the board and roof rack less likely to vibrate and annoy the daylights out of him and Scottie while driving along...

Of course, chances are the boys will annoy the daylights out of EACH OTHER while driving along, but that's another story!!

Check this out... it's a little piece of metal that Scottie found, just the right size for the hole in the sump... is it fate? Is it coincidence? Is it pure blind luck????

Scottie took this photo... and the sun was shining very brightly... Best that Scottie sticks to welding, which as you can (barely) see in the photo, is excellent!!

And the roof rack is now attached, using all those nicely painted black nuts, bolts and bits of metal... Plenty of foam tape was used...

The roof rack now provides a handy place for Damian to store things... hey look, there's his watch!!

Scottie's welder decided it needed a little rest (poor darling), so Scottie decided it was time to implement Booger Mobile's remote boot-lid opener or sump-thing like that...

It feeds through onto the back floor of Booger Mobile...

To pop open the boot lid... ingenious!!

Here's the inside of the sump after Scottie welded it up... beautiful work there Scottie!!

Meanwhile, Damian was doing some welding, err, soldering of his own... Preparing a fuse box for attaching external devices - uhf, cd player etc...

Damian suggested to Scottie that since the sump was out, sump-thing should be done about fixing the existing dent in the underside... Thinking that Scottie would use his trusty panel-beating toolkit, imagine Damian's surprise when Scottie grabbed a lump of wood and proceeded to beat the sump into shape!!

The question was - would the newly adjusted sump hold oil? To test it, Scottie used the next best thing - water!!

It was a long, strenuous day, so Scottie decided to have a little sleep...

As you can see, the sump is leaking like a sieve!

Damian's dog Tonka decided to check out Scottie's handiwork... (he too noted it was leaking!)

Bugger - it leaks from this side too!!

Scottie circled all the major points where it was leaking, and decided he'd do sump-thing about it next weekend...

For those of you who aren't sure why the boys are making a new sump, the below image shows the current sump (which was pretty much the same as the sump that's being adjusted). Note the distinct lack of clearance over the cross-member (that large, round black thing in the middle of the photo).

Just to round out the day, here's a photo of the completed remote boot-lid release...

And the gauges that Damian continues to work on... (You'd think that they would give you longer wires to work with or sump-thing, but noooooooo)

There you have it... Another day, another blog post... another week gone in the march towards the 2010 Camp Quality esCarpade...

Will Booger Mobile be ready in time? Will the sump ever stop leaking? Will the boys get a seat in and some wheels on the car at the very least?

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Booger Mobile innnnnnnn Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!! (Best said in the style of the Muppets "Pigs in Space".)


  1. Once again the AWESOME twosome are back at it
    (yes thats means you Damian and Scottie)hard at work preparing the BOOGER MOBILE for the "CAMP QUALITY 2010 esCarpade.
    They have had more than their fair share of ups and downs, more so downs, with the preparation of the B/M but never fail in their determination to have everything finished even with the tough tasks, that they have been dealt with at times.The sump -thing being one of many problems, but does that stop them "NO WAY" it may take some time and patience but it will not beat them.
    Yes as usual Scottie is working with great expertise, and Damian well what can I say you really are a master painter to say the least. All the parts you ve painted have come up looking new.
    The roof rack looks fantastic against the Boogers green.
    Glad that you were not using the welder to do the electricals, the BOOGER MOBILE might just have gone up in smoke, so lucky it was a soldering iron, that you used.You are really going to need to have the uhf cd player ect,in good working condition when your out on the "CAMP QUALITY" 2010 esCarpade
    To keep you both in a good frame of mine(ha ha)
    You both have your own ways of getting your task finished and the end result is what counts.
    Whats a few leaks between friends I m sure it must have been really frustrating having worked so hard to try to complete it on the day.
    Tonka soon let Scottie know that now was no time to be cat napping pointing out more leaks.So it was an excellence Idea to leave the sump for another time,I m sure that it was quite frustrating after all the hard work you had put into it,but best left for another day.
    Well at least the boot release was not as hard to finish and what a great finish it was very neat.
    As usual the great pictures tell the story of what a busy day was had by TEAM BOOGER ( with a little help from Tonka)
    I know I have said it many times but you both are AWESOME and deserve all the thanks and praise for great things you are doing to be at the "CAMP QUALITY" 2010 esCarpade to raise funds for such a wonderful cause.To see beaming smiles on all the kids faces
    MANY THANKS Damian and Scottie

  2. Yes I agree..... Damian is a wiz with the pressure pack painting. I am both qualified in house and car painting, so this is praise well desereved. The sump was a bit of a pain with the 33deg heat in the sun and the welder buzzing adding to the disscomfort. I will endure some more solarium work next time to get it finished and bolted up. Then suprise suprise... more welding to get the x- member finished..... at least that is the end of the bracket making. Wait,.. the xmember is one big bracket, darn it.

    I can now however guage that Damian will have the guages fully finished next time. Also we may get to play with the diff for something diff-erent

  3. ROFL... great comment there Scottie... Lovely play on words - Damian has taught you well!!

  4. 3 cheeers for the roof rack - looks the part for the purpose; just got to WATCH what you put up there tho........

  5. I ll say anything to be in the record books.
    John and I are coming over to Queensland soon and we are hoping to be lucky and see the BOOGER MOBILE crusin around and hear the real sweetttttttttttt sound of BM engine

  6. Can't believe that Scotty missed the chance to sneak in one last sump joke.

    His last sentence should read "Also we may get to play with the diff for sump-thing diff-erent"

    May I suggest that next time you start making a smaller sump, that you start with a spare sump instead of a sieve, lol?
    *ducks and runs for cover*

  7. Poor old Scottie... not even here to defend himself and he's getting caned from all sides...

    He did start with a spare sump... he made a sieve!! Multi-talented that man!! ;-)

  8. Sump-thing is not quite right with the sump.... so to sum-p it all up I shall fix the seive-ere leaking issue, before I reach for my tussiue, in the next exiting chapter of the Booger Mobile.

    Or sump-thing like that, just for sump-thing different next leak.

    I see no holes in my story, so i'm sticking with it.

    ner ner, nar narn na.....

  9. Scottie I for one have the upmost confidence that you will no doubt have the sump-thing all ready with not leaks, by the time the next blog is up, and Damian will have painted it to look just like new, and it will be a great job all round.GO TEAM BOOGER MOBILE

  10. Don't look now Booger fans, but the comments have reached double digits!!