Monday, 3 October 2011

Carby Shop - is the engine saga over???

Today, Booger Mobile was booked into the Carby shop to resolve the leaking fuel issue...  Looking shiny in the shed first thing in the morning!!

Damian was a picture of concentration, all harnessed in and doing the obligatory self-portrait!!

After picking up Booger Mobile from the carby shop, Damian dropped into a wrecking business... was he leaving Booger Mobile there?  No, he was meeting his brother Jason there!!

A close call with a truck... good thing it was parked!!

On the trip home, a double rainbow came out.  Could this be a sign of a brighter future???

Damian drove around 100km, and the new head shim seems to have done the trick.  The problem with the carby was that the float level hadn't been reset - when Damian dropped it into the shop last time, they had assumed that they didn't need to recheck any of that stuff, even though it had been adjusted by others who had worked on the car.  A classic case of miscommunication, but all's well that ends well!!

Booger Mobile is driving beautifully - idling nicely, starting when hot, the works!!  Hopefully Damian will get a chance to have a decent test drive before heading off to Bendigo...

Here's Booger Mobile, passenger side, back in the shed.

And teh driver's side...  showing off the LED's and new stickers.

The Camp Quality esCarpade is now only 8 days away (until Damian leaves to head to Bendigo)...  All is fairly close to being ready - just some final checks and paperwork to undertake.  Hopefully the new Lovell's suspension will arrive this week, which would allow the weekend to get it installed...  Time will tell!!  (If it doesn't arrive this week, it can be installed ready for the 2012 esCarpade!!)

1 comment:

    Thankfully after a few hassles because of some miscommunications over the Booger Mobile carby problems,the carby guys came thru and made the carby run like new.With that and the engines on going problems finally solved ( fingers crossed)
    the Booger Mobile drives like a dream.
    With the double rainbow in the sky is this a sign that finally everything is going the Boogers way,and just in time too with the Camp Quality esCarpade not that far away.
    Well done Damian another great day in the life of the Mighty Booger Mobile.
    Thank you.