Sunday, 2 October 2011

Switch Panel and stickers

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With only 9 days to go until Damian will be heading off on the 2011 Camp Quality esCarpade, it was time to get some of the little preparation items sorted out.  First up, putting the engine back together so that it can go to the carby shop on Monday.

Also, there was the small matter of the leaking top radiator hose...  Damian removed it to find that there was a sneaky little half-lip on it that was causing the leak - essentially the hose was put on too far...  lolsigh...

All back together.  A pre-emptive tune was given to get the engine into a state where (hopefully) it can be driven to the carby shop.

Damian's son Aidan came up to give him a hand installing the harnesses...

Oi!!  Get your feet off the seat!!

Damian got the job of being in the boot... makes sense!!

And through the magic of the interwebs, voila!!  Is done!!

Aidan helped to get Damian's tools all sorted out...

Meanwhile, it was time to get a new switch panel made up (there were now more switches than spots on the existing panel).  Not having any angle the right size, it was time to make some up...

Aidan took over the photography responsibilities...  Damian angle ground!!

Half time, change sides!!

All cut out...

Tidying up the edges...

Mark out the holes and drill a pilot using a small drill bit...

Drill the large holes for the switches!!

Then hammer the bejebus out of it to make it into the right angle!!

Comparison between the existing switch panel and the new one...  Looks like it will do the trick!!

All bent up ready for paint...

And painted!!

Remove the radio etc and detach the switch panel... what a spaghetti factory!!

And through the magic of the interwebs, it's finished!!  There are still a few spare holes - they probably won't be filled this year!!

Damian thought that a few more Camp Quality stickers were needed - he cut up the provided door stickers and used the parts!!

And a nice Camp Quality esCarpade sticker... it's the 20th year of esCarpade in 2011.

Well, there are only a handful of sleeps left until the 2011 Camp Quality esCarpade... there are a few more things to sort out with Booger Mobile, and hopefully some good news coming up shortly...

Thanks to everyone who has donated to Camp Quality or sponsored Team Booger Mobile in 2011.  There's still time to get onboard if you want to, so don't be shy!!

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  1. It was all go go go at Team Booger Mobile HQ for Damian,luckily he had his son Aiden on hand to assist him in one of the task set for the day.
    First thing was to put the engine back together so Booger would be able to be driven to the carby shop,next was to find out why the top Radiator hose was leaking.
    Then with Aiden's help Damian managed to install the harnesses which are very important safety asset for the esCarpade.So with Aiden doing his bit on the back seat,with giggle watching on and Damian in the boot it was a sight to see,but at least the job was completed and what a excellence job they did of it.Then it was time to make a new switch panel as the old one just wasn't big enough to handle all the switches need for the Booger Mobile.With a piece of metal a switch panel Damian did make with a bash here and there till it took the right shape,then with the driller some holes Damian did make,then it was time to paint,and when dry install the new switch panel in its place,and as always a perfect switch panel Damian had made.
    Great Pictures as always,well done Damian.