Saturday, 8 October 2011

Paint City Car Show

Damian woke up to overcast skies, which quickly turned to a full on thunder storm!!  After waiting for the rain to ease, it was time to see if Booger Mobile (with its newly strengthened rear suspension) would still fit through the roller door on Damian's shed...

Whoa... tight squeeze!!

The rain continued as Damian headed towards Paint City on Deception Bay Road, Rothwell - the location of the Paint City car show!!

Having arrived and parked in the damp carpark, it was time to check out the prizes that Deb from Paint City had organised for Damian to raffle off...

What a selection!!  Ten prizes in all!!

The trophies were laid out...  Would Booger Mobile manage to jag one?

The band "The Fifth Column" played for the crowd...

Meanwhile, Damian checked out some ideas for Booger Mobile for 2012... How about doors like these?

Damian's next-door-neighbour Glenn drummed up a storm!!

Damian took a break from selling raffle tickets to smash down a free sausage sizzle courtesy of Paint City...

The weather started to clear, and a few more cars and bikes made their way into the show...

This green Ford was almost the same colour as Booger Mobile (and it eventually went on to win a prize...  Actually, all cars in the picture above between Booger Mobile and the green Ford won prizes!!)

The sun came out, and the crowd grew a little...  Sadly there were meant to be around 85 vehicles at the car show, but the storm in the morning scared a lot of people off... 

Paint City...  if you need paint, that's the place to go!!

Damian met an aspiring photographer/model Kayana Faith (the blonde on the right - google her if you like, but the pictures are probably not safe for work) plus one of her promo girls...  They were more than happy to pose with Booger Mobile... they know hot stuff when they see it!!

Damian didn't manage to win a prize with Booger Mobile, but headed back home with a smile on his face and a snappy self portrait, after raising a couple of hundred dollars for Camp Quality - an excellent effort considering the small turnout because of the rain!!

Driving home in the sunshine...

And safely back in Damian's shed, lights flashing like there's no tomorrow!!

And so concluded the final bit of fundraising by Team Booger Mobile in 2011.

Damian finished off the day with a BBQ with friends Elli and Steve (who provided all the computer cut stickers for Booger Mobile) and Paul and Catherine (who have sponsored Booger Mobile again in 2011, along with Catherine's mother Denise).

Only a few sleeps till Damian leaves for esCarpade!!


  1. A friend of mine was up at that very fundraiser and has a photo of the booger mobile (next to other cars).....Nice one Damo..

  2. Nice... bet you didn't realise you knew someone famous!! :-P

  3. Looks like a great day was had even though the weather was not the best.
    Booger Mobile was looking like the Classic Show Car that it is, and it doesn't matter that the Booger didn t win any prizes, because Booger Mobile is destine for bigger and better things.
    A big thank you to Paint City for the wonderful prizes for the raffle and what a great job Damian along with Booger did selling all those tickets.
    Thank you Damian you are not only Famous you are oh so "AWESOME" doing it for the kids