Monday, 10 October 2011

One and a bit sleeps to go!!

With one and a bit sleeps to go, Damian was spending the day doing the final run around - fueling up, buying supplies etc.  When he got home from fueling up, it was time to check fluid levels etc... Oil and transmisison fluid were fine, but Damian noticed a thin green line along the edge of the head where it joins the shim... 

For crying out loud, the head gasket and/or shim were weeping...  Just what Damian needed with only 30 or so hours to go before he leaves on esCarpade!!

While speaking to Michael from the Shark Mobile (you'll see pictures of that in the next blog post or so), it was suggested by his mechanic that old Ford engines (like the one in Booger Mobile) didn't play nicely with Glycol based coolants...

Time to drop the glycol based coolant from the radiator and give the radiator and engine a thorough flush out...

Before replacing it with a non-glycol based coolant.  The advice is that this should resolve the issue, allowing the head to seal down properly (it has already been retensioned).

Meanwhile, Damian's boys helped him pack up a bunch of lollies ready to hand out to the kids at the schools being visited on this year's esCarpade...  Only a few went missing during this process!!

Time to stash the now full spare fuel inside Booger's head, where it can happily live until needed...

And back on with the head...  voila, is gone!!

Out came the bottom portion of the rear seat.  As with last year, the soft luggage (clothes etc) will live in the back seat area, with hard luggage (tools etc) in the boot.

Speaking of the boot, Damian is a bit worried that something might be missing - there seems to be far too much room left in the boot!!  Time to check last year's pictures to see if there's anything obvious...

Upon leaving the shed, Damian was greeted by something very close to a full moon, so he decided to share it with you all.

One decent night's sleep tonight, a day onsite tomorrow followed by a few hours sleep, and it will be time for Damian to head off to esCarpade 2011... it has rolled around incredibly quickly!!

One last thing - the fundraising total for Team Booger Mobile for 2011 has now passed the TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLAR mark!!  Thanks to everyone who has donated in 2011!!


    Just when we thought it was all go go go with the Booger Mobile,but while checking under the bonnet Damian discovered a green trickle of coolant on the edge of the head where it joined the shrim.Oh no not again.Thankfully Damian was advised that a change of coolant to a different type should solve this problem,so once again Damian drained and cleaned the radiator and refilled it with the new coolant,fingers crossed that does solve Boogers problem, as Damian will soon be driving the Booger Mobile to the camp quality esCarpade.
    Woo hoo fantastic total for TEAM BOOGER MOBILES well done Damian and I m sure that next year you will hit the magic $20,000 you have been aiming for.
    Great pictures as always,and the lolly bags look real yummy in the bright red bags.
    Here's to a dream journey for Team Booger Mobile.
    Thank you Damian for all your hard work.

  2. Good luck Damian on your long drive to Bendigo where are you stopping on the way? The volvos still need to be packed and little things added , we plan to leave on thursday and stay in Albury we might see you along the way
    Go the Volvos

  3. We are planning on staying overnight in Parkes, but will play it by ear (depending on how tired we all are and how far we make it) - might be further, might be a bit less.

    See you guys in Bendigo!!