Sunday, 9 October 2011

Packing up, packing up, packing up, packing up...

Today's blog post is brought to you by Denise Gadsden, Catherine and Paul Price, who have again made a donation to Team Booger Mobile to help with fuel costs...

Today's jobs were fairly easy peasy...  First up, a few new stickers to go on the car...  There's a likely looking spot right there!!

Question is, is this sticker going to fit there??  Fraser Strain did the roadworthy (well, they are now called Safety Certificates) for Booger Mobile... thanks Fraser!!

A bird flew into the shed and caused a bit of a commotion... took about 45 mins to find its way out again, even though Damian opened every door!!

And here's the sticker - it fit with a bit of creative alignment!!

Damian's son Aidan came up to the shed to lend a hand... it was time to stick on the Wadnot Joinery sticker - Aidan is scraping the water out from under the sticker (wet-sticking a sticker allows you to reposition the sticker to ensure alignment is fine, before getting rid of the water to stick it down)!

Voila!!  Is stuck!!

Dave Madden who did the engine rebuild has a sticker on the passenger side rear quarter panel...

There was a bit of spare white sticker left over, and Aidan wanted to make a sticker to put on Booger Mobile... this is his effort...

Jordan (Damian's younger son) caught wind of this idea, and decided he wanted to join in the fun... good thing there were two bits of sticker exactly the same size (what are the odds??)!!

Damian then gave the new load-helping suspension a bit of an adjust (not shown), then it was time to start packing the boot. 

Out came the scrutineering checklist - two spare tyres - CHECK!!  First Aid kit (and contents) - CHECK!!  Tonka dog...  CHE... wait a minute, he's not coming on the esCarpade!!

Two and a bit more sleeps to go until the 2011 Camp Quality esCarpade adventure begins for Team Booger Mobile (with the drive down to Bendigo).  It's a time of nervousness and excitement for Damian!!

Oh, one last thing - the fundraising total from yesterday's Paint City car show was $300.40.  Stellar effort that, particularly considering the crowd numbers being down due to the rain...  Thanks again to Paint City!!

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  1. Fantastic Blog tonight,loved that Aidan and Jordan made some really great stickers to go on the Booger Mobile,well done guys,you have both done dad proud with all the help, that you both have given at one time or another with the Booger Mobile.
    With the excitement building Damian does a check of whats to be packed into the BM for the Camp Quality esCarpade,checking checking hmmmm one Tonka dog sorry Tonka you ve been a great supervisor,but you have to stay at Home and look after T and the boys.
    Wow thats a great total considering it was a short and rainy car show.
    Well there was a time there when we wondered if the on going sagas that seemed to be never ending,would stop the Booger Mobile,but for Damian's gut and determination Booger Mobile is ready and rearing to take Team Booger Mobile on the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade.
    Thank you Damian you are so Awesome for all that you do.
    Looking forward to reading the next exciting blog