Friday, 7 October 2011

esCarpade Preparation... it's getting close now!!

Well, it's been a while since CMK Financial Solutions have had a run as the lead picture, so here they are today!!

Today's work on Booger Mobile was a whole bunch of small (but sometimes time-consuming) things that needed to be done to make the esCarpade experience just that bit better for Booger Mobile.

First up, removing the weather strip from the firewall.  This strip provides a seal for the bonnet, which unfortunately is trapping the hot air under the bonnet, which isn't a great thing (as regular blog readers would know)!!

And goneski!!

After adjusting the bonnet so that the rear edge sat up (which was a bit of a mission, involving washers and longer bolts), it was finally done.  As you can see, there's a clear gap for the hot air to escape now, so hopefully this will assist in keeping Booger Mobile cool when idling!!

Next up, a few under bonnet things.

First up, the dipstick for the automatic transmission has a horrible habit of wiggling loose, so a spring was attached to lock that sucker down!!

Next up, time to double-check the tension of the head bolts.  Clickety clickety clickety all done!!

Since the tappet cover is off, how about using the nice new tappet cover gasket?

And ready to install...

Hmmm... for some reason, there's no photo of the engine back together... ah well, you can either use your imagination, or scroll upwards to the first photo of the engine!!

Next up, the horn was sounding a bit sick (and sometimes not sounding at all).  People who followed last year's esCarpade would remember that it filled up with water... this gummed everything up and made it a bit how's your father...

Pulled apart into components, looking a bit average...  some of the bolts were very difficult to undo, so an angle grinder was called in, but since Damian was working on his own there are no pictures of this!!

And through the magic of the interwebs, after lots of cleaning and sanding the rust off with fine sandpaper, it's back together again (with shiny new bolts)!!

Next up, it was time to do something about the sagging rear end of Booger Mobile.  The amount of spares and equipment that are carried on esCarpade are a bit too much for even the mighty Lovell's springs.  The standard height springs are (obviously) designed for on-road use.  Damian found last year that a bit of extra ground clearance would be a good thing, and Lovell's are custom making some new springs for Booger Mobile...  HOWEVER... they haven't arrived yet, so will be used next year.  In the mean time...

A before shot to enable comparison of height difference...

Damian received some Ironman 4x4 Load Plus (leaf spring helpers) from Jim at Caloundra 4x4 - it just so happened he had a set in stock to suit Booger Mobile after someone ordered them (months ago) but never returned to collect them!!

They go on the top of the leaf springs...

The front u-bolt to connect them on with has a bit of a gap either side that Damian wasn't happy with, so he found some old bushes that fit to prevent it from moving around.  (Chances are it wouldn't move around anyway, but you never know with the roads on the esCarpade!!)

Of course, the back part of the Load Plus spring is just hitting the inside edge of the mud-flap...

Out with the snips and voila!!  Is clear!!

The front bolts done up...

And the rear ones done up, taking some pressure.

This picture clearly shows that there is more ground clearance at the back.  (Look at the amount of tyre showing just under the guard, then scroll up to look at the previous photo!!)

Booger Mobile is now levelled out.  What a difference the Ironman 4x4 Load Plus spring helpers have made!!

You know the esCarpade is getting close when the bash plate goes back on!!

Jim sent Damian down a couple of stickers with the Load Plus spring helpers.  One goes here!!

And the other one can go here!!  Damian likes symmetry...

Since he was in a stickerising mood, on went the Caloundra City 4WD Club sticker!!

And some stickers have exited stage left...

Doesn't the bonnet look clean and green with no stickers!!

Damian noticed that the brake light on the passenger side would work when the lights were off, the tail light would work, but the brake light wouldn't work if the tail lights were on... very strange!!  After chasing the wires around the back of the car, checking for voltage drop etc, Damian worked out that the globe simply wasn't earthing out well enough...

And on went Booger's head... it will stay on until esCarpade now!!

Hopefully with the extra height at the rear now, Booger Mobile will still make it out the shed door... otherwise, Damian may have to frantically undo Booger's head in the morning!!

And the passenger side... look at that ground clearance!!

Well, it's just over 4 days until Damian heads off on the 2011 Camp Quality esCarpade.  There's been a bit of upheaval in the past week - turns out that Jason (Damian's brother and co-driver for 2011) will be away for work during the esCarpade, so Damian has called upon a family friend Jo (who has just done her first camp with Camp Quality, therefore has a blue card) to come along at very short notice...  Jason is gutted that he has had to pull out at such a late stage, but has assured Damian that he will be available in 2012 come hell or high water!!

On a brighter note, the 2011 fundraising total for Team Booger Mobile has now passed


One last thing... be sure to come to see Booger Mobile at the Paint City car show, Deception Bay Road, Rothwell on Saturday 8 October 2011 between 10am and 1pm!!

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