Friday, 30 September 2011

Camp Quality Res Camp 2011

Damian spent the week of the 26-30 September 2011 at Camp Quality Res Camp (for kids aged 9-14 who have (or have had) cancer).  Here's a snapshot of the week... selectively edited as he's not allowed to upload photos with any campers in them!!

First day was at Paradise Country (the camp theme was Country and Western).

Damian attempted to take a photo of a turkey and was photo-bombed by a llama!!

Self portrait with a koala and a lady trying not to be in the photo!!

Day 2 involved bodyboarding...  Damian is such a Bad Boy!!

The night of day 2 had fire twirling and the Camp Quality Rodeo...

There was a mechanical bull that the kids had fun riding...

Wednesday night had a secret outing... it was to the Outback Spectacular!!  Damian saw some asian tourists lining up with photos with these lovely ladies, so he quickly threw himself in there for a self portrait, much to their amusement!!

Day 4 saw a reptile show roll through...  As you can see, Damian is outside of his comfort zone!!

The night of the disco, and Damian made a very, err... beautiful, if somewhat confused cowboy!!

The last day saw the crew head off to Time Zone on the Gold Coast for some games, dodgem cars and a game of laser tag!!

All in all, a fabulous week was had by all.  This is a brief snapshot of the fun that donations help to bring to kids living with cancer and their families!!

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  1. Woo hoo it really looks like it was a great camp with so many things that the kids were able to see and do.Damian sure looks as if he had a great time with them,even handling a snake,but hey he has a big snake living in his ceiling, so why does he look so scare ha ha.
    Damian as a cowboy/girl, now that would have been a funny sight to behold.
    So going on all the fantastic pictures,everyone must of had a wonderful time at camp.