Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fixing the trim and a head shim...

Tonight's blog post is brought to you by Jason Sheather Plumbing.  It's actually the combination of some work done on Monday and Wednesday night...

In order to make some clips to hold on the passenger side door trim, Damian needed to find someone who had a welder to come and help out...

But first, a bit of angle grinding to make the weld stick better!!

And Damo to the rescue!!  Damien lives near Damian, and owns a welder... handy!!

Here's the first one... pretty damn good!!

It goes in the track like this (only the other track needs to be in place also!!)

This is one of Damien's cars... a classic Valiant - it actually starts and drives reliably!!  Heaven!!

Fast forward to Wednesday night through the magic of the interwebs...  This is the head shim that was custom made by John Tripp of Gassol Gasket Solutions...  Visit them on the web at

It's 3mm thick and designed to reduce the compression in the engine - this is the suggested root cause of the whole host of issues that the engine has been experiencing - blown head gasket, pinging, heat issues...  Time will tell!!

The shim goes between the block and the head, creating a larger gap, hence reducing the compression.

Damian used some wet and dry to give the shim a rub-down and smooth off the paint...

Next cab off the rank - attaching the passenger side door trim...

First, remove the inner door trim...

Place the attachment bolts in approximately the right place, pop on a bit of sikaflex around the base of each one...

And put it onto the door!!  Tighten the bolts and it's all done!!

While the door handles were off, Damian decided that they would look better if they were grey rather than the mismatched brown colour...

And back on the door...  Probably not quite the right colour, but it's a bit better than the brown!!

So the head shim has arrived, all that's needed is some time to work on it!!  Damian is onsite the rest of this week, then Saturday will be at the Counter Revolution music festival in Brisbane fundraising (stop by and say g'day if you are going), so maybe Sunday will be the day to get started... 

Stay tuned!!


  1. A positive update!!! great!!!!

    Well it was all go go when Damian was able to get Damien akka Damo to come and assist with the Booger Mobile,with Damo bringing along his welder to help make the clips needed for the door trims,and of course thay turned out perfect.
    The grey handles look a lot better than the brown ones that for sure,great Idea to paint them.
    Here's hoping that the new gasket solves the on going saga of the over heating. It sure has been a major hassle for Damian and I m sure he will be relived if it FINALLY sorts out the problem.
    Fantastic pictures as always showing the task Damian and Damo completed well done