Sunday, 11 September 2011

Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree

Getting out of bed bright and early, the sun rose over Booger Mobile as Damian got it out of the shed (having first attached Booger's head).

LED's flashing, ready to hit the road!!

Shiny from this angle too!!

Heading out onto the highway, it was time to go to the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree!!

Damian always has time for a snappy self portrait!!

Past the Ettamogah Pub and Aussie World, where Damian has been several times with Camp Quality (the pub for fundraising, and the theme park for the kids!!)

Past the interesting set of skid marks that go through the centre median strip and into the armco barrier on the southbound side of the highway...

This sign must tell Damian which way to turn!!

And watch out for Big Pineapples!!

What's that in the distance?

It is indeed a big pineapple!!

Further along, and time for another hillclimb to put Booger Mobile through its paces...

Duck!!  Low bridge ahead!!

And into the PCYC grounds... entrants cars only!!

This year, the car show was going to be taking up the carpark rather than the oval, due to the entry/exit being a bit damp still...  Booger Mobile got a prime spot!!

Sign set up, and sunshine beaming down...

Booger's head looks like the sun is shining out of it!!

Keeping the sponsors happy...

And from this angle...

Not to forget the view from behind!!

The 2011 trophies were lined up... would Booger Mobile get one this year???

It was cold, so Damian fished out his Camp Quality jumper and beanie...

Entrant cars started to fill up the carpark...

More and more arrived...

Including this little one!! 

An OKA!!  Damian thought of Reg (the esCarpade mechanic) who drives one...

Hot rods were lined up - the yellow one has a tiny caravan behind it... more like a swag on wheels!!

This beast of a thing is a Ford...  it's not green though!!

The lower carpark was full...

Damian entered Booger Mobile into classes H and J - Special Interet and Competition/Rally (the division that Booger Mobile won in 2010).

Michael Brown and family turned up to visit Damian, and Michael brought new esCarpade entry Sharkmobile with him...  It's starting to take shape nicely!!

Michael shows his sense of humour!!

Back at the car show, the crowd had really started to swell!!

Damian had ditched the jumper and beanie and was back in his trusty TBM bucket hat!!

And... the winner of the Competition/Rally category is...  A BOAT??????  Congratulations...  but really?  A boat???????  In a car show??????????

Damian headed back on home past the Glasshouse Mountains...

The temperature gauge hovered around 88 C the whole way home - it was quite a warm time of day though...

Damian's exit...

And back in the shed...  Up at the car show, Scottie stopped by to check out Booger Mobile and have a chat to Damian, and he pointed out that the head gasket appeared to be weeping slightly...

Sure enough, there is the smallest of leaks in the passenger side of the head gasket...  You must be kidding...    Booger Mobile has also started pinging again under load...

So with just over 4 weeks to go, there is yet another engine drama to resolve...  Damian doesn't know whether to laugh or cry...

But the show must go on, so say a quiet word to the deity of your choice to help Damian get Booger Mobile sorted out in time for the 2011 esCarpade!!


  1. Love the photo uploads!!! Pity a boat won instead of a car. I believe you should have won :) Can't wait for the next blog! Lawz

  2. A boat is a boat not a car.
    I really can't believe that a boat was even allowed to be in a car show,let alone that it out voted,the fantastic CLASSIC SHOW CAR "BOOGER MOBILE" no one can say that Booger mobile isn't aClassic Show Car thru and thru.
    Anyway it looks like it was a great day besides that.
    The word about the Camp Quality 2011 esCaparde was put out there loud and proud by the "MIGHTY BOOGER MOBILE AND THE AWESOME DAMIAN" and that's what its all about.
    It was great to see the Booger Mobile out in the early morning sun at her shining best ready
    for the trip to the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree ( not boating :( )
    Fantastic pictures of the trip to and from the Jamboree ,as well as all the great shots of the cars taking part.
    But alas the ongoing sagas seem to have come back with the engine seal leak,lets hope its something minor, that can be fixed straight away.
    Loved the picture of the Shark Mobile gave me a good laugh seeing the sharks teeth around the front end "der dump der dump" watch out for that SHARK,and also the COMMOJAWS rofl

  3. Boogermobile will ALWAYS be a winner in our eyes Damo! Awesome effort again!
    Michael rocks...loving his updates on the Shark Mobile too! :)