Friday, 9 September 2011

Thermo finished, floor patch started!!

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Damian had a couple of tasks to attend to - hooking up a switch to the thermo fan, and making a plate to cover the access hole for the bolts that go through the chassis rail for the transmission cross member - this is where water entered Booger Mobile (rapidly) on the 2010 esCarpade!!

First up, Damian found an old bit of sheet metal lying around, covered in hardened bog.  Off with the bog!!

With the help of an angle grinder... what could possibly go wrong?

Well, funny you should ask... this boys and girls, is why you should ALWAYS wear shoes when angle grinding!!

With the plate all clean, it was time to mark and cut it in half!!

Sparks fly!!

Half time, change sides!!

And it's cut in half, without further incident!!

Peeling up the carpet on the passenger side, you can see the oval shaped hole down into the chassis rail...

Snip the edge off the plate to make it fit a little nicer...

Then sikaflex it like there's no tomorrow, with a couple of screws to help hold it down!!

The thermo fan wiring was completed...

Do you think there are enough relays and fuses under the bonnet now??

Damian started the engine to let it reach running temperature to test out the thermo fan.  While waiting, he decided to stick on the Burpengary Performanc Exhaust stickers...  This is the spot on the driver's side where one will go...

Looks pretty!!  Now Booger Mobile has flames (and not bad flames)!!

And a matching one on the passenger side, just to keep the symmetry alive!!

The temperature continued to rise, and once it reached the low 90's, Damian flicked on the thermo fan...  There wasn't a dramatic reduction in temperature, but it did keep the temperature hovering around the 90 mark, which is a lot better than it was without the thermo fan!!  Possibly if he had run the thermo from the beginning the temperature wouldn't have gotten that hot to begin with!!

Damian switched off the engine and waited a few mins, then started it again.  Worked beautifully!!  Wary of declaring the engine problems over after previous issues, Damian is quietly confident that things are looking up!!

The thermo is installed and happy, the carpet is still peeled back waiting for the sikaflex to dry, and Damian still has to try to get BM ready for the Nambour PCYC Car Show on Sunday 11 September 2011...  busy as always!!

Be sure to stop by the Nambour PCYC on Sunday from 9am to early afternoon (if you are in the area) and vote for Booger Mobile!!

1 comment:

    With the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade drawing ever closer,Damian is working on the tasks that need to be done,and one of those task was to seal the leak on Booger's passenger's front side floor,where the water flowed in, when crossing the rivers last year in the 2010 esCarpade.
    Its amazing what one can find laying around, that is a perfect thing to use to seal the leak area.Great work there Damian glad you know how to use the angle grinder wouldn't want you to lose a toe or two.
    Great pictures showing how Damian managed to complete some of the task that need to be done.
    Thank you once again Damian,doing it for the kids.