Saturday, 3 September 2011

Extractors gone... cast iron manifold fitted...

Today was D-Day for the extractors... they had caused too much under-bonnet grief, and now it was time for them to go.  Booger Mobile waited patiently in the shed for Damian...

The extractors are the black pipes immediately below the air cleaner (the big silver thing that looks like a frying pan)...

This photo gives you an idea of just how crowded it is in there... the green bit to the left is the inner guard, with the floor barely visible.  Unseen at the top of the photo (under the extractors) is the starter motor.

Down to Burpengary Performance Exhausts went Booger Mobile, and up onto the hoist!  Fern does a great job with exhausts, so even though Damian is paying for these services, he can't recommend him more highly!!  Very knowledgeable and a nice guy to boot!!

After coming home and popping the bonnet, Damian discovered that the nice blue paint was all gone...  lolsigh...  He guesses that even heat proof engine paint is no match for exhaust heat!!  Any wonder things were melting.

Note how much of the floor that is visible...  The red wires to the left go to the starter motor.

And looking from the top - the starter motor is visible at the top of the picture, the floor is clearly visible, and there is only a single pipe (and it's miles away from the inner guard)...  Things are certainly looking up!!

And here are the offending set of extractors...  Now for sale!!  They aren't bad, just not good for inside the small engine bay of Booger Mobile!!

Has this resolved the issue?  Only time (and driving) will tell...  There is certainly a lot, LOT more room down that side of the engine, so surely (fingers crossed) this is the end of that particular saga.

And in case anyone is wondering...  No, Booger Mobile hasn't lost any power by offloading the extractors, and Yes, it does sound sweet...  (Damian thinks it actually has a sweeter exhaust note now!!)  Happy days!!


    With the extractors gone and the original cast Iron manifold fitted the Mighty Booger Mobile must be purring like a kitten,and it engine still roaring like a lion.
    What a great feeling it must be to finally have the on going heating saga solved. Time to get stuck into all those task that need to be done before the Camp Quality 2011 esCaparde.
    Well done Damian if not for all your patience and hard work there would not be a Mighty Booger Mobile.

  2. The fact that you didn't lose any power by removing the extractors just proves my theory about extractors. (The only purpose they serve is as a penis extension)

    (apparently my normal Google account no longer has access to your comments page...??)