Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fundraising at Counter Revolution 2011

The Counter Revolution Festival in Brisbane is put on by the same people who run Soundwave, and since Jo loves Damian so much, she invited him back to man the signing tent... his beautiful wife Tricia came along for the morning rush!!

The Brisbane Riverstage - workmen putting the final touches on - that's the signing tent near the fence in the bottom right corner of the photo...

Damian gave the signing tent the Camp Quality touch, and Jo strikes a pose with other volunteers and Tricia looking on!

Damian and Jo with the obligatory self portrait!

Damian standing gaurd at the side entrance to the main stage.

The gates opened and the crowd started to trickle in.  The signing tent got really busy for the first couple of hours - the first band wasn't due to sign until 1pm, but experienced punters know that popular bands sell out within the first fifteen minutes or so!!

One of the early acts take the stage...

The first band through the signing tent - We are the ocean - they sold out!! (Profuse apologies if Damian has the band name wrong against this photo - please let him know if he has!!)

The signing line snaked across in front of the main stage!

Damian spotted a few of the Sun State Roller Girls wandering in the crowd...

And just for Carmen and Bek who are both avid readers of the blog, he rustled them up for a photo opportunity!!  Turns out they were team supporters rather than members, but near enough!!

Some bands that came through the signing tent really made themselves comfortable!!

The crowd continued to build throughout the day and into the evening...

Damian had a chance to duck upstairs to the catering area, which overlooked the main stage...

One of the bands that came through the signing tent misunderstood the meaning of the signing tent... they were meant to sign bits of paper for people, not the table!!

All Time Low took the stage later in the evening - they were the first band to sell out (in 15 mins).

On the train ride home, Damian was nodding off to sleep (but still managed a self portrait).

All in all it was a fabulous day fundraising.  Damian got to speak to a number of bands and their managers about Camp Quality, not to mention a heap of the punters at the festival.  Jo invited Damian back for the next festival - so Damian's pretty stoked about that!!

So, how much was raised?  Well, Damian hasn't had a chance to do a final tally yet, but there were around 900 tickets sold plus a few reasonable donations made, so the total is sure to be around $2000.  Woohoo!!



  2. FANTASTIC.Start for the blog with a great picture of Damian and his "BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS TRICIA"
    Oh and yes Damian you looked AWESOME as well.
    FANTASTIC.Pictures of all the crew what a wonderful bunch of beautiful fun people'
    FANTASTIC.The big crowds that came to listen to the many great bands.
    FANTASTIC.All the fabulous bands who gave their time to come and sign this and that and the table as well.Fund raising for "CAMP QUALITY"
    FANTASTIC.Day all around with a wonderful total of over $2000.
    Well done Damian thank you for all your hard work,always doing it for the kids.
    Did I already say you are so "AWESOME"