Monday, 5 September 2011

Stop!! Thermo time!!

Tonight's blog post is short and sweet, and is brought to you by the passenger side sponsors Tekton Interior Fitouts and Jesus Metal.

Since there is a fair amount of idling involved on the esCarpade (waiting to check out in the morning/after lunch, stopping at river crossings, visiting schools etc), Damian decided to assist keeping the engine cool it would be a good idea to invest in a thermo fan...  This is the enormous space available - approximate 8 inches across!!

After a trip to Autobarn at Caboolture, Damian came home with a shiny new 8" thermo fan, and lined it up for the holes...  Thermo fans attach THROUGH the fins on the radiator - holes are very carefully made with a screwdriver!!

The thermo sitting in place before the bolts are cut down to size...

And installed...  The thermo fan was tested and nice cool air gets pushed through the radiator at a rate of knots...  Hopefully this will be sufficient!!

Having run out of time this evening, Damian decided to complete the wiring in of the thermo to a switch another night.  Of course, the switch panel needs to be enlarged to fit the extra switches at some point, so he should probably get onto that also!!

Just five weeks and a bit over one day until Damian heads off to esCarpade 2011... where has the time gone???

1 comment:

    With all the nasty saga's behind Booger,its time for Damian to install a thermo fan,to help the Booger Mobile keep cool,on the long journey of the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade.So its off to Autobarn he goes to purchase on that is suitable for the Mighty Booger.
    With it all perfectly fitted onto Booger Mobiles radiator,its time to check how much cool air she blows.Well thats another task done,Damian's work for tonight is done.
    Great pictures thank you Damian.