Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Accelerator Pedal, Plugging Holes...

Today's blog post is brought to you by Special K from WA.  Kaye is not only the number one blog supporter (she has commented on just about every blog EVER), but also sends Damian messages of support and encouragement when all is turning pear-shaped with the car... Thanks Kaye!!

There was another access point under the driver's side floor (into the chassis rail as per the one on the passenger side), however to peel the carpet back, it would be necessary to remove the accelerator pedal...

Whoosh!!  There it goes (along with the kick panel and trim)!! 

Carpet peeled back to reveal the access panel...

Oh, and another hold that Damian hadn't noticed before... chances are this had been previously plugged, but had been hit by a rock or something, dislodging the plug...

Fix the easy one first!!

Then cut the plate to shape and fix with sikaflex and some screws...  The bit of wood is just to hold the carpet and underlay off it until the sikaflex dries!!

While waiting for that to happen, Damian figured he'd remove the passenger side door trim.  Regular blog readers would remember that it nearly disappeared on the way down to Tamworth last year and had a temporary repair done to it...  Of course, getting the nut back off the bolt (which was turning inside the door trim) involved a pair of needle-nose pliers, some vice-grips and an 8mm tube socket!!

Damian and Tricia had some friends drop over for the afternoon/evening (there ended any work on Booger Mobile for Saturday), and Kate wanted a Team Booger Mobile sticker for the back of her car...  Damian stuck it on, and Matt and Alex got into the groove by posing for a photo...  Good times!!

The next morning (Sunday), Damian completed the removal of the passenger side door trim

The sikaflex was dry, so the carpet went back down, along with the installation of a brand new accelerator pedal.  The old pedal was a bit rusty in the hinge and would occasionally not pop back up all the way, causing the engine to idle around 1200 instead of 800...  Not a big issue, but since the pedal had to be removed anyway, it seemed an opportune time to replace it!!

Back on with the kick-panel and trim...

Damian also managed to get the Claxton Horn working again, so he reinstalled that also!!

Other goings on since the last blog post included further discussions about the cause of the engine issues and a suggested resolution.  Stay tuned for further information about that over the next week or so...

Damian also dropped Booger Mobile off to have the rear wheel bearings replaced and the brakes adjusted...  While playing show'n'tell with the mechanic, Damian noticed that the carby was again leaking fuel, so the carby shop will be getting a surprise visit on Monday morning... 

Just over three weeks until the Qld teams head down to the 2011 Camp Quality esCarpade... will they be ready in time???


  1. Waiting with bated breath here Damo!! Come ON Booger!!!

    There's nothing more that Damian loves doing when it comes to giving every single one of his sponsors for the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade a good plug.
    To day he had a different sort of plugging to do and that was to plug a hole on the drivers side floor,on pulling back the carpet he found another small hole which he also plugged,and what a perfect plug it was.
    Great Idea to replace the accelerator pedal now while you have the old one off so you can do the repairs to the floor.
    Every man and his dog love to get into the Booger Mobile Blog and Damian's friends Matt and Alex were not exception,and what a pair of posers they were,really giving me a greatlaugh (rofl)
    Woo hoo great to have the claxtox horn back in the Booger Mobile.
    Another weekend has come to an end and Damian has achieved a lot of the fiddle tasks that needed to be finished.
    Now here's hoping and praying that the major problems with the Booger are sorted out,so that the Booger Mobile will be ready and rearing to roar in to action and head off to the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade , in just under four week
    Another exciting blog, thank you Damian for every thing that you do.