Saturday, 3 October 2015

Fiddly Bits and Faffing About...

The 2015 Camp Quality esCarpade is now less than two weeks away... Damian is thankful for wonderful sponsors like Fraser Strain, who has performed the Safety Certificate inspection each year for the past five years - a requirement of esCarpade, not for registration in Queensland (unlike NSW).

After making some brackets to finish off the internal tie-down points of the rooftop pod, Damian set to work hand-painting some more of the pod... unfortunately it doesn't have a smooth exterior, so it doesn't lend itself well to stickers...

The motto of Team Booger Mobile?  SNOT FUNNY!!

While the paint dried, Damian crawled around under Booger Mobile and inside the engine bay, checking nuts and bolts to ensure none had rattled loose recently...

Also fixed was the CogaPA system which had decided to stop working... a quick check of the electrics found that the fuse had blown - probably while Damian was cleaning and adjusting it (with the cover open, of course)!  Always good to have the wolf-whistle, moo, siren and sneeze on the quick buttons!!

No doubt there will be a few more small blog posts in the next 11 days, before the daily postings begin when the boys leave on Friday 16 October to head to Narrabri for the start of the esCarpade!!

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