Monday, 5 October 2015

Preparation Time!!

Monday 5 October was a public holiday in Brisbane, so it was a perfect opportunity for Damian to get into the shed and commence locating al the various bits and pieces that are required to attend esCarpade each year...

Two spare tyres?  Check!  Jack?  Check!  Wheel Brace?  Check!  Jacking Plate?  Check!

While checking various things, Damian noticed that his passenger side headlight wasn't quite as bright as the driver's side...  A bit of open headlight surgery revealed that there was a bit of voltage drop being experienced.  A quick clean of the connections, and re-earthing had it shining brightly once again!!

The next annoying item was the windscreen washer bottle, that had sprung a leak.  Since esCarpade this year is likely to be a very dusty affair, Damian thought fixing it was a good option...  After removing the bottle, it was discovered that it was leaking from the seal where the pump motor presses in to the body.  Having a spare seal that was almost the right size (from another style of bottle), Damian threw some thread tape around the pump and pushed it into place... VOILA!!  No leaks!!

This year, Damian is trying to cut down on the number of spares being taken, limiting it to just the essentials...  Of course, that still means the boot will be chock full!!  This is nowhere near what will be in there before the boys head to Narrabri!!

With esCarpade only eleven days away, Damian is starting to feel very nervous about the drive.  Will Booger Mobile behave itself this year?  Will Angus finally get to have an incident free run?  Time will tell...

Make sure you keep an eye on the Booger Mobile blog - hopefully there will be happy stories in 2015!!  (Cross your fingers!!)

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