Saturday, 10 October 2015

T minus ONE WEEK and counting!!

The official start of the 2015 Camp Quality esCarpade is now only one week away... this means that Damian and Angus are only SIX DAYS away from getting in Booger Mobile and heading to Narrabri.  This is happening on Friday 16 October, even though the official start of esCarpade isn't until Saturday 17 October - it reduces Damian's stress slightly heading down the day before!

During the week, Damian had his you-beaut multi-stage battery charger working its magic on Booger Mobile's battery, to give it a nice recondition/charge prior to the start of this year's event...  13.45 volts is a pretty good result!

Having completed the location of the various bits and pieces that needed to be loaded up, the boot is now packed!!  Looks to have a bit more free space than previous years, so perhaps Damian's attempt to cut down has been successful!!  (Alternatively, Damian has forgotten something, and is going to be very sad in a week's time!!)

Of course, Booger Mobile has a final pre-esCarpade wash.  Always nice to be shiny at the starting line, even if it will be short lived!!

Looking the goods!!

Yeah, the LED lights even still work...

Back in the shed for safe keeping...

Rooftop pod looking a treat.

All that remains is for Damian to fuel up Booger Mobile (and fill the two 10L spare fuel containers), throw clothes etc in and head to Narrabri!!

esCarpade 2015, Booger Mobile is coming your way!!