Friday, 8 July 2011

2011 Camp Quality Senior Camp

The 2011 Camp Quality Senior Camp was held from 4-8 July 2011 at the Currimundi Active Recreation Centre on the Sunshine Coast.  A bunch of campers aged 14-17 along with a host of companions (including Damian) and camp leaders spent five fun-filled days doing all manner of awesome things!!

Hold onto your hats folks... this is what your fundraising dollars go towards!!  (Note:  this blog post shows a sample of the activities undertaken, not every one!!)

The first day saw the crew head to Movie World, where Damian and his campers checked out the Monster Truck and Freestyle Motor Cross show...  (Yes, this is a real picture captured by Damian!!)

They also did go-karting, at which Damian was a gun!!

Even though he did look a whole lot like a grasshopper sitting on the go-kart!!

They tried their hand at cable skiing, which Damian wasn't particularly good at, but provided a heap of laughs as he bounced along on his back and eventually face-planted...  The picture below was of a rare moment in the sun for Damian!!

The kids tried their hands at spray painting, with one camper doing this awesome picture of Giggle, the Camp Quality mascot/logo/face thingy...

They played touch footy with some of the AFL guys from the Brisbane Lions... one had clearly heard that if he wore green shoes he would have a guest spot on the Booger Mobile Blog... way to go, Brent!!

The campers (and some companions) had fun custom-painting their Dunlop Volley shoes!!

This graffiti-art was done by Christian - the artist who was leading the session for the kids.

At the disco (Reality TV Stars), Damian dressed up as a contestant on Beauty and the Geek...  Yes, it was a stretch for him to look geeky...

The little giggle faces leapt from the bowls and onto the dance floor...

So that was a snapshot of the week that was Senior Camp 2011.  Sadly, two of Damian's campers (plus fourteen other campers - a total of sixteen) had their last camp in 2011.  It's a bittersweet moment - sad that they are too old to come to camp any longer, but happy as it means they are growing up into wonderful young men and women ready to take on the world...

If you can afford it, make a donation to Camp Quality by clicking the yellow Donate Now button on the top right hand side of the Booger Mobile Blog, and help to bring smiles to the faces of more children living with cancer.

Laughter is the Best Medicine!!

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    When you have the likes of Damian, and all the other dedicated people from Camp Quality,doing all they can to help bring laughter and smiles to all the kids who attend camp, you come to realize just how much it helps to bring some joy into thier lives.
    What a great camp it was with so many things too see and experence.
    Thank you Damian for the fantastic pictures of all the wonderful things that were seen and done at the seniors camp this year it sure looks like it was a load of fun for all.
    "Especially Damian" lol