Monday, 11 July 2011

Kill switch installed... engine goes at the turn of a key!!

Damian headed to the auto shop this afternoon to purchase some suitable wire and a nice switch to be the "kill switch", providing the full 12 volts of power to the coil as per Sunday night's post...  But first, the obligatory sponsor photo... tonight's lucky sponsor is CMK Financial Solutions!!

There is a blank spot left on the dash, so Damian purchased a switch that would fit nicely in that spot.  How hard could it be to remove a simple blank?

Apparently, very hard!!  There is actually a plate between the two knobs on the left in the picture above and the blank.  Undoing two nuts under the dash got the plate loose...

Ah, there's the part of the plate that's no longer required!!

Muhahahahaha... Damian uses the snips (while being careful not to cut anything else, especially himself!!)  Luckily the Booger Angel was watching over him!!  (Regular blog readers would remember the Booger Angel from last year's esCarpade - it was a gift from Damian's friend Elli to keep him safe on the event - and it worked, too!!)

Finally the blank was removed, and the two knobs were reattached to the now shortened plate!

Of course, the switch doesn't have a nice face-plate, so out came some washers, with Damian grabbing the "chrome in a can" and giving them a quick spray!

Here's the switch, with some wires ready to rock and roll!!

And nicely attached with heat-shrink for safety!!  (These wires are positive 12 volts - if they touch the chassis of the car, the dash etc, it will short out and potentially cause a fire!!)

And installed...  the chrome washer may be a bit of overkill, but meh... it will do for now!!

And the big test...  flick the switch, turn the key, and the engine starts!!  The engine is finally back together and ready for a test drive!!

There is a bit more tidying up to be done before the actual test drive - the new speedo cable needs to be hooked up, the wiring re-wrapped and tied safely out of the way and the transmission linkages adjusted...  of course, this is a job for another day/night!!

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    Another one of those task that needed to be done was the kill switch and as always, Damian did a fantastic job getting it finished,and with the step by step pictures we are all able to see how he completed this latest task.But there as still quite a few more things to be completed on the Booger Mobile,and the Camp Quality 2011 esCapade creeps every closer,will Damian and Jason have the Booger Mobile ready on time? We will all have to wait and see. Can 't wait till the next exciting blog update.
    Well done Damian