Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tekton Interior Fitouts sticker arrives!!

In keeping with Damian's new tradition of a feature shot of a particular sponsor's sticker at the start of each blog post, today's blog is ironically brought to you by Jason Sheather Plumbing...  the irony will become apparent in a moment!!

This is the spot where the Tekton Interior Fitouts sticker is going to go... shiny isn't it!!

Elli brought up the sticker that Steve kindly cut before heading off to the Rainbow Beach fishing competition...  The damn thing was being so finicky that it took two sets of hands to get it peeled...

This was about 15 minutes later (and still not finished peeling)!!

And on it goes!!

Removing the backing paper... looking good so far!!

Little bit more...


Damian notes that he really needs to get the 2010 sticker changed to read 2011...  However the 2011 door panels have a different size giggle on them, so he can't just cut the new giggle out!!

Finally the Tekton Interior Fitouts sticker is on Booger Mobile, and just in time for some upcoming photo opportunities!!

1 comment:

  1. WOO HOO loving the new 2011 heading picture of the Mighty Booger Mobile making a very large splash thru the water.
    Great to have the Tekton Interior Fitouts sponsor sticker on BM at last,looks really great.
    Theres still some really good spots left for anyone else looking to sponsor the Booger Mobile,doing it for the kids and Camp Quality.
    Well done Damian,and thank you Elli for getting the sticker to Damian.