Friday, 22 July 2011

New Headlights - Part 1

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Having taken Booger Mobile out for a test drive the other night, Damian noticed how pitiful Booger Mobile's headlights were.  They are original sealed beam headlights.

So off to the auto store he went, and bought a shiny Narva halogen headlamp conversion kit!!

This is the driver's side old headlight...

When placed beside the new one, it's easy to see how much more reflective the mirror in the new one is in comparison!!

The mounting point looks a little odd without the light...

And does it bolt straight in?  No, of course not!!  The separate parker bulb clashes on the metal surround...

Time to drill, then snip the metal away.

That looks better!!

One headlight has been replaced (the one to the left of the image below).  It's difficult to tell from this angle, but it is heaps brighter and the light much cleaner/whiter!

Onto the second one... first drilling a pilot hole (this is the third and largest drill bit).

Then freehand cut a circle with the snips!  Damian reckons Jason would be proud of that effort!!

And in goes the second light... you can see below that there is much more light being thrown.

Time to hook up the parker lights...  ZAAAAAAAAAAP!!  One of them had shorted out on the internal mounting frame, so apart came the lights again... Damian will cross that bridge on Saturday!!

Stay tuned for part 2...

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    Missed this one as it was when I was at Sea World Resort having fun while you were being zaped by the Boogers lights, glad it wasn, t to bad and you lived to play another day with the Booger Mobile,take more care,Booger is really looking fantastic thanks to all your hard work.