Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Engine Mounts and a Test Drive!!

Tonight's leading photo is brought to you by Special K from WA...  Who coincidentally is in Qld this week and might just be stopping by to visit Booger Mobile...

Having had its engine mounts removed and sent away to be fixed, poor old Booger Mobile was left with a trolley jack holding up the engine...

And here they are!!  Spectacular rebuilt engine mounts courtesy of Jason Cooper from Poly Flex Australia.  Apparently these would be strong enough to hold a 2000 horse power engine!!

Which would probably look something like this!!  (Incidentally, this is Murray O'Connor's XM Falcon Top Doorslammer at the 2011 Winternationals - pic courtesy of ABC News).

Jason cleaned up the thread on one of the mounting bolts...

Then the mounts were installed!!

Close up of the installed mount...

The time had come...  Booger Mobile was now ready for TEST DRIVE!!  This photo was taken out on the road (it was night time, hence there's not much to see), however if you look closely you can see that the speedo is working (thanks to the fantastic new speedo cable from Vic Performance Parts).

After driving around 15km or so, with the temperature staying nicely around 80 degrees celcius (although it was quite a cool evening, so the daytime running temperature will probably be slightly higher), it was time to throw Booger Mobile back in the shed.

Oil pressure (left) good, temperature (middle) good, idle speed (right) slightly high, so this was adjusted down a couple of hundred RPM.

Jason threw the timing light on the engine to see how it was holding up.  The timing looked good.  There was some pinging while under load, so Dave has suggested taking it to be dyno-tuned...

Booger Mobile is now finally driveable again (albeit not too far until it's been dyno-tuned to get the pinging under control).  With the esCarpade only 11 weeks away, it's starting to get to the pointy end!!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!!

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