Friday, 29 July 2011

Dyno tune time... What a powerhouse!!

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Today, Booger Mobile was booked in for a dyno tune... this is a special kind of tune-up  where the car is hooked up to some kind of you-beaut machine, and actually driven on a special device a bit like a treadmill for cars...  This allows readings to be taken while the car is actually being "driven".

Of course, Booger Mobile had to be taken to the dyno tuning shop...

Always time for a snappy self portrait!!

Down this road (past the pedestrians on the left)...

Up this road (you can see the speedo is now working... woohoo)!!

And to the dyno tuning shop!

Damian left for the day, and returned late in the afternoon to find Booger Mobile still taking pride of place on the dyno...

You can see the rollers under the rear wheels in this picture...

Having paid and headed home (with Booger Mobile performing much, much better), Damian arrived home in the early evening...  the pic below was taken with no flash...

And this one with the flash, just to give you an idea of how much those green LED's and headlights light up the place!!

Here's the dyno tune printout...  Booger Mobile has a whopping 76.5 horsepower at the rear wheels!!

Upon arriving home, Damian found that the dash lights had decided to stop working...  He soon fixed that!!  (Of course, this involved removing the instrument panel and re-jiggering the lights that had come loose in their sockets - which they need to be bedded in properly in order to earth the lights.)

Once that was done, it was time to reinstall the horns... first the Claxton Horn (aka the ahoooga horn)!

Then the musical air horns...

So now that Booger Mobile is going better, it's time to run the engine in... this will involve driving around 800-1000km over the next couple of weeks...  Prior to doing this, the new rattle needs to be resolved...  Damian has worked out what the cause is (the extractors are hitting the engine crossmember - they must have slightly changed shape during the HPC Coating process), he just needs to actually fix it!!

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

    Really great to see the Booger Mobile out driving on the road once again.
    At this rate Booger will not only be a Show Car,but is now zooming along like a race car.
    With only twelve weeks till the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade the Booger is looking more like she will be well and truely ready to take Damian and Jason on the journey of fun and adventure,doing it all for the kids.
    Fantastic pictures as always,well done Damian.
    Looking forward to the next exciting Blog wouldn t miss it for quids lol