Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Headlights - Part 2

Today's blog brought to you by Acreage Driveways.  With Booger's head (well, half thereof) looking on in the background...

Today, Damian had to resolve the slight ZAAAAP issue that the new headlights had, when the parker bulb connectors hit the metal support for the light.  This was achieved by cutting the support to make way for the bulb and wires!!

Damian also purchased some rubber grommets from the local rubber store (where the owner greeted Damian with "Yo Grommet Man!!  Long time no see!!  How's the car going?"), and installed them into the space where the park light sticks through.

Also during the day, Damian received a visit from Silver Sponsor Kaye... aka Special K from WA!  She was over here with her daughter attending a conference and took the time to stop by at Team Booger Mobile HQ!!

"Check it out, that's my sticker!!" says Kaye.

So, why was Damian going to so much effort to hook up the park lights inside the new headlights when Booger Mobile has its parkers in the front bumper bar?  Because you can change the LED bulbs to be GREEN of course!!

This is what it looks like with the shed lights on...

And with the headlights on...  Hard to tell from this angle, but the green bulbs are still glowing...


But they do look good like this, don't they!!

So Booger Mobile's new headlights are installed, and once Damian has some more switches, the green park lights will be hooked up too!!  As per usual, it was a much larger saga than first thought, but the end result is certainly worth it!!

1 comment:

    As always nothing is an easy task with the Booger Mobile, but after all the hassles the end result is fantastic,with the Boogers headlights glowing green in the dark.Well done Damian.
    Was really great to catch up with Damian, Trica and the Booger Mobile.Really good to once again have one of Damian's famous coffees and even better to have it with one on Trica's fantastic muffins, still warm from the oven.
    Booger has come along in leaps and bounds since my last visit,even with all the drama's that seem to plage the Booger, you just keep on getting on with the task ahead of you so that the Booger will be ready for the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade,well done Damian, Jason and everyone else who helps along the way with the wonderful Booger Mobile,doing it for the kids.