Friday, 26 August 2011

Adjusting the accelerator cable

Today's blog post is brought to you by Lovells Springs and Suspension.  Booger Mobile is currently running a standard set of heavy duty springs, and Lovells are (hopefully) going to make a set of 2" taller custom springs in time for this year's esCarpade!!

So, after picking Booger Mobile up from the carby shop, and being excited that the carby problems seem to be over *touches wood*, Damian noticed that there was a bit of free play in teh accelerator pedal.  That space to teh left of the black ring near the silver ball shouldn't be there!!

Upon investigation, Damian noticed that the custom mounts for the cable had been removed and replaced with standard mounts (no doubt becuase of the switch back to the standard air cleaner), leaving the accelerator cable with no adjustment left in it and not tight enough... *sigh*

After discussing the options with a few people, Damian had a brainwave that putting a spacer in between the cable mount and the firewall would solve the problem...  But what to use?

Hopefully Damian's wife Tricia won't miss this breadboard... it's 10mm thick and made from some kind of tough plastic - perfect for crafting a spacer out of!!  First step, drill a hole...

Then cut it out, measure where the connector bolt goes, and drill another hole!!

After more measuring, test fitting and shaping, here is the completed spacer!!

Spacer held in place...

And with the accelerator cable attached!!

Before this photo was taken, Damian thought that it might be good (having adjusted the accelerator cable) to check that the cable was in the right spot...  He attempted to fire up Booger Mobile, only to set the carby ON FIRE!!  Not a little backfire through the carby with momentary flame, but an actual fire...  Damian leapt out of the driver's seat and extinguished the flames, before attaching the air cleaner - figuring it might be safer to keep the fuel contained!!

Damian headed down to Autobarn at Caboolture, who have come onboard as a Bronze sponsor by virtue of the discounts that Damian gets on the copious number of parts etc that he buys there...  funnily enough, after collecting a sticker, he didn't actually get a discount today!! 

Lastly, off with the air cleaner again to put a plug over the vacuum advance pipe - it's not required, and quite frankly looked untidy with the hose blocked off and tied around the fuel line!!

Booger Mobile back in the shed waiting for more test driving on Saturday!!

With the esCarpade now only 6.5 weeks away (well, 7 weeks till the esCarpade, 6.5 weeks till Damian and Jason leave from Brisbane to head down to the esCarpade), it's all systems go, go, GO!!

Assuming it doesn't get washed out, come and see Booger Mobile at the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree on Sunday!!


  1. Fingers crossed!! It'll all be wonderful on the day Damo!!

    With the long on going saga of the seemingly endless problems happening to the Booger Mobile,it is a wonder that Damian still remains so commited to having the Booger Mobile completely prepared for the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade in just under seven weeks.
    After everything that happened today, any other person would have chucked in the towel saying to hell with it,but that is not the way Damian rolls,because he is an "AWESOME" guy and come hell or high water he will be at the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade along with Jason and the Mighty Booger Mobile.
    Well done Damian,the use of the (Tricia's) cutting board for a spacer was a brilliant Idea and looks like it has worked a treat.Very happy that you were able to get the unexpected fire out before any damage was done.That must have been a very terrifying few minutes.(phew)
    Well its been another exciting day for Damian working on the Booger Mobile,with a few thing finally done, but still many more too be finished, its going to be all go go go at BM HQ.
    Hope that the rain stays away for the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree on sunday,and that Damian and Booger Mobile have a fantastic day