Friday, 5 August 2011

Let's set this thing on fire!!

Damian headed out in Booger Mobile today to pick up Jason and head across to Paint City Mango Hill, who are holding a car show on 8 October 2011 with all proceeds going to Camp Quality (via Team Booger Mobile). Thanks to Debbie at Paint City!!

After pulling up at Paint City, Damian noticed a burning rubber smell... a quick investigation found that the hose between the PCV and the carby had fallen down onto the extractors, which although they have been heat-proof coated, are still very, very hot to touch!! Result - one melted (to the point of smoke) hose, and one sick Booger Mobile (these old engines don't tend to run too well without the PCV attached).

After stopping to buy some hundred mile an hour tape and making a temporary repair, Damian dropped Jason back home before heading to the auto store for a new hose... What else could possibly go wrong?

OH yeah, and the other night, Damian installed a starter relay, which appears to have alleviated the click click click click "start you bastard" moments...

More test driving coming up this weekend - about 500 km more to get the engine run in!!

1 comment:

    What do you know the never ending saga of the Booger Mobile continues,luckily that you smelt the burning rubber before any serious damaged happened.
    It funny but a friend said to me today that green cars are unlucky,and I laughed at this,but then thought to myself,Booger Mobile is green and doesn't seem to have had a lot of luck :(,here's hoping that it will be nothing but good luck for the Booger from now on.
    Hope you have a trouble free drive over the weekend wheather it be along the highways and byways,or just a nice country drive.
    Looking forward to reading the next exciting saga free blog.