Sunday, 28 August 2011

Engine is run in - time for an oil change!!

Today's blog post is brought to you by the shiny driver's side of Booger Mobile!!  With the engine run in complete, it was now time for an oil change, and to drop the water from the radiator and replace it with coolant.

First step - drop the oil...

While waiting for the oil to drain, Damian decided to investigate the damaged claxton horn (you know, the one that goes ahooga), which after several melting moments, decided it would rather not work any longer...

Pull it apart...

Oh, that bent bit on the base is probably what's causing the issue!!

The oil was now drained, and the oil filter removed... Time to put the sump plug back in and fill it up with proper oil (not running in oil).

And offloading the now-black running in oil...

With the oil full, time to poke Booger Mobile's nose out of the shed and drop the water from the radiator...

This photo courtesy of Jordan... water goes whoosh!!

After using the hose to flush the radiator (which is brand new, therefore it didn't take long), it was time for the coolant to go in...  Appropriately, it is green!!

This photo courtesy of Aidan...

Time for a bit more planning - this is the likely position of the cross-brace (the pieces of wood were to hold it at the right height so Damian could check if the bonnet could still close)...

There were a couple of more little annoyances that needed to be resolved - of course, they involve pulling up the carpet (hence Damian has been avoiding it)!!  Out with the kick panel and the door step panel...

The carpet was folded back and the access hole in the floor pan measured (so that a plug can be made/ordered/whatever), and the T-bar box screws were uncovered - one was catching slightly on the linkages when putting the transmission into Park.  This was removed and had the end cut off to give more clearance.

Damian also lay under the car to check why it was a bit tough to get it into Park even with the screw fixed, and found that it was just touching the end of the hole that was cut in the tunnel...  Working in very limited space, Damian gently adjusted the edge that was touching (with a hammer and long screwdriver), creating enough clearance for Park to be engaged easily!!  WIN!!

Busy times ahead for Booger Mobile... lots of blog posts to come!!


  1. I am trying to find grey coolant to match the sharkmobile colours! Not lucky so far.

    With the Booger Mobiles engine now run in, its time for Damian to get on with a few of the other task, that have to be finished on the Booger,as time is passing ever so fast and completing any thing on the Booger, has never been known to be an easy task.
    Now that the heating saga is hopefully behind him Damian can now do those other things.
    Wow nothing but the best oil for the Booger Mobile Valvoline XLD Classic oil none the less for the Booger Mobile is a Classic Show Car,and needs the best to preform at the level best. (fingers crossed)
    Green beautiful Booger Green long life coolant is the only one, for it is the life blood of the Booger Mobile,helping to keep the Booger cool green.
    Wonder what is going to happen to the poor old claxton horn it looks as if its had its day,or can by some miracle, can the Awesome Damian bring it back to life?
    Damian managed to finish a lot of the tasks,but alas there are still quite a few more to be done, before the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpsde
    Well done thank you Damian looking forward to the next exciting blog