Monday, 22 August 2011

Back from the Carby Shop... but is it fixed???

Tonight's Booger Mobile post is brought to you by Kumho Tyres...  Booger Mobile is still running a set of slightly worn Kumho R700 rally tyres, and Damian is hoping that Kumho will come to the party with some new ones for 2011!!

Having received the call that Booger Mobile was now ready for collection, Damian went to pick it up.  The original air cleaner was back on it, a second hand distributor was on it to replace the brand new one that had died (and of course, can't be replaced under warranty as it had been modified), a thermal spacer placed under the carby to protect it from the heat and a bunch of minor tweaks performed (rejetting of the carby and extensive tuning and adjustment).

The trip home was uneventful - the engine is now whisper quiet - Damian is impressed!!

As you can see below, the return to the old air cleaner means that the air horns no longer fit where they are...

Off with the air cleaner for a well earned coat of paint...

Pretty...  Silver heat proof paint!!

The underside - as you can see, it didn't quite fit in the acid bath at the carby shop!!

And with some paint...

Damian rejiggered the air horns so that they would fit beside the air cleaner when it was reinstalled, and noticed that the modified brackets etc for the carby had been replaced with standard ones...  This means that there is really no adjustment left for the accelerator cable...   As per usual, fixing one problem creates three others!!

That's it for tonight... the engine is finally run in, and it's now time to drop the oil and replace the oil filter, filling it with proper oil (rather than running in oil).  He will also drop the water from the radiator and replace it with coolant, which should help the engine run even cooler... 

With just over seven weeks to go, Damian has to get some more kilometres on Booger Mobile's clock so that he's comfortable that the issues really have been ironed out, replace the suspension, install the kick-down cable, replace the rear wheel bearings, get a wheel alignment and brake adjustment and perform a whole bunch of minor tasks...  Plenty of time... :-S


  1. Go Damo!! By the way... breathing is not optional here... remember to do it!
    Oh and I have total faith in you and Booger!! ;)

  2. Really great to see Booger Mobile back at BM HQ.
    Sounds like things are going a lot better now.
    With only seven weeks to go its going to be all go go go at Booger Mobile HQ,with a few things to get done lets hope its all fun,and no sagas to come,the next seven weeks are sure to fly by but I m sure that you will have the Booger Mobile ready and cruizing like a dream
    Great pictures as always thank you Damian

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