Wednesday, 17 August 2011

EIGHT WEEKS till esCarpade!!

Well, you wouldn't believe it, but there are only EIGHT WEEKS until the boys head south for the start of esCarpade 2011...  where has the time gone?  There's still so much left to do!!

Today, Booger Mobile was booked into the carby shop to have the overheating/fuel vapour locking/hard to start/whatever problems resolved...  Question is, would it start???

Answer is, no, of course bloody not!! 

A ridiculous TWO HOURS AND TEN MINUTES LATER, Booger Mobile was started and Damian was on his way to the carby shop.

This is what Damian looks like after two hours and ten minutes of attempting to start Booger Mobile...  fair to say he's not happy!!

At the carby shop, Damian discovered that one of the workers has called in sick, so they aren't going to get a chance to work on Booger Mobile today...  Damian said they can lock it in their shed overnight and work on it tomorrow, as he wasn't taking it back home again!!  They were happy with that...

In other news, Damian and Booger Mobile are in the Caboolture News newspaper, collecting the donation from the Caboolture Community Creative Activities group.

So that's where it stands...  this time in eight weeks, Damian (and Jason) will be in Booger Mobile and heading down the Newell Highway towards Bendigo...  So much to do... so much to do!!

1 comment:

    We have always known that nothing is an easy fix with the Booger Mobile,but this ongoing problem is really making poor Damian pull out his hair,(lucky he didn't grow it long this year.(sorry just couldn 't resist saying that lol)
    Thankfully after several long frustrating hours Damian managed to get Booger started,and as we could all see he was not a happy chappy
    So please mister carby man get your act together and get Booger back in tip top starting mode please.
    On a better note Damian and Booger Mobile received some great exposure in the Caboolture News neswpaper,from when they went to received the very nice donation of $1000 from the Caboolture Community Creative Activities Group.
    Hopefully it will be all good news by the end of the week and Damian can finally breath a sigh of relief when he can have the Booger Mobile all ready for the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade that is drawing ever so close.
    It has been a very interesting week for Damian with all the highs and the lows,but I m sure nothing will stop Damian, Jason and the Booger Mobile from the escarpade,all doing it for the kids,Thank you