Monday, 29 August 2011

Just when you thought the engine problems were sorted...

Another day, another time for running around trying to get stuff sorted out...  Today's opening photo, the passenger side!!

Cue very long story...  scroll to the pictures if you are easily distracted!!

First up Damian went for a spin in Booger Mobile to book it in for some work - specifically replacing the rear wheel bearings (which are pressed onto the axles).  He found the place he was going to book it in closed - he's not sure if it's permanent or not - he will ring the number to find out another time.
Second stop was Drift Bodyworx to book in Booger Mobile's respray of the door sills with stone-protection paint, only to find that Trent was away up north.  Third stop was a visit to one of last year's sponsors to enquire about sponsoring Booger Mobile again this year - times are tough, so he's going to have to give it some thought. 

After leaving that place, Booger Mobile played up a bit with the same problem as before (stalling), only not as bad.  Fourth stop was a visit to Autobarn (to find they didn't make the part that Damian needed, but got some good advice from John about an alternative solution), and went to the rubber store to buy a bunch of rubber plugs for the chassis rail (that will be a blog post for another day).

After leaving Autobarn, Booger Mobile stalled a couple more times (including once in the middle of an intersection - luckily it was a turnoff rather than the main thoroughfare) before getting itself sorted out again.

When he got home, Damian noticed that the temperature under the bonnet was still sky high - he actually burned his hand on the TOP of the air cleaner...  This was becoming beyond a joke... time for drastic action. 

Damian remembered that the original engine from Booger Mobile had a standard exhaust system... after sifting through the junk pile outside his shed, he located the original cast iron exhaust manifold (still attached to the original head).  Damian's brilliant idea is to remove the extractors and replace them with the cast iron exhaust manifold - the theory being that instead of having six burning hot pipes taking exhaust gas from the engine, there would be a single manifold and ONE pipe leading to the exhaust... the laws of physics would dictate that this MUST produce less heat by virtue of the fact that there's only one pipe, not six!!

Do you think that whoever put this manifold on didn't have a bolt the right size?  Look at the ridiculous number of washers!!

The manifold was removed, and looked to be in reasonably good condition (considering its age, and the fact that it's been sitting out in the weather for a couple of years).  Damian took it to the exhaust shop to see if the dude agreed that putting it on would be a good option to cut down on the heat, and if it looked in reasonable condition.  He agreed that it would, and it was, but recommended getting it faced (ie: having the face of it machined to ensure it was nice and flat).

And through the magic of the interwebs, the facing was done!!

As with all parts, it was time to clean and paint it!!  First, tape up the faced edges and paint the underside...

Looking pretty good!!

Next, flip it over and paint the rest!!

The mess of black pipes that you can see in the picture below are all going to be replaced by the above exhaust manifold and a single pipe leading to the exhaust...

So...  Booger Mobile is booked in to have the extractors removed and the cast iron exhaust manifold fitted...  Hopefully this will really, really, REALLY be the end of the engine saga...  Only time will tell!!

Footnote:  Damian's Patrol decided that it wanted to join in the exhaust fun today by splitting a hole in the rear section of pipe, causing it to rattle and clang...  He will have to get that sorted out in the morning before Booger Mobile!! 

1 comment:

    How why where when.
    How can so many things go wrong,when you have done everything,to try and get the Booger Mobile ready for the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade.
    Was it the one hundred China men, or all those black cats that you and the Booger have run over, one will never know.( lolsigh )
    Hopefully with the change over of the cast iron exhaust manifold it will help to solve everything, and then Damian, Jason and Booger will be ready to roar off to the the amazing adventure ahead of them.
    Well done Damian, great pictures as always showing how you completed some of todays tasks,
    the paint job came up really excellence.