Sunday, 22 August 2010

Corvette Club Show n Shine - Gold Coast

After what seemed like five minutes sleep, but was probably closer to 3.5 hours, Damian's alarm went off like a screeching canon beside his bed...

Dragging himself out of bed, Damian put the kettle on and began to prepare for Scottie's arrival. At 4:45am, Damian's phone rang - naturally it was on the kitchen bench, and Damian was in the bathroom... after scooting through the house trying to hush the noisy phone before waking everyone else up, Damian answered the phone to hear from Scottie... His car had broken down, and he was on the side of the highway...


Damian offered to go pick him up, but Scottie managed to get it restarted and continued south. A short time later, Damian received another call from Scottie, he'd made it to the BP southbound near Damian's house - could Damian pick him up on the way!!

So Damian loaded up Booger Mobile and began the tentative first journey... heading north first, past the BP's then back south again to the southbound one to collect Scottie... it was then time to head down to the Gold Coast!

First stop - petrol! Damian filled Booger Mobile to the top for the first time - the plan was to see how much fuel Booger Mobile used in the journey - a round trip of approximately 250km.

Here's a shot of Booger Mobile heading down the south east freeway - gauges showing good temperature and oil pressure!!

And one showing the early morning sunrise...

Damian happily driving... great photo there Scottie!!

After arriving at the Corvette Club Show 'n' Shine, which was being held in conjunction with the inaugural Gold Coast Science Fair, Booger Mobile was parked near the Camp Quality tent, where the boys would be selling sample bags and raffle tickets!

It was then suggested that Booger Mobile be moved out to the middle to get a better view!

As always, important to show the sponsors that Team Booger Mobile appreciate their contribution, and what better way than a set of photos!! First, the driver's side from the front.

Then the driver's side from square on, with Scottie and Quintin (another Camp Quality volunteer) in the background...

From the rear. The place looks empty because these photos were taken at around 7:30am, but the official start time was 9am.

Passenger side from the rear.

While lining up the shot for passenger side square on, Damian noticed that there was a huge B in the air being sky-written by a plane... Damian joked that perhaps they were spelling out Booger!!

Much to Damian's surprise (and that of everyone else within earshot), the next letter was indeed an O!!

Here's the nice square on side shot that Damian was lining up...

Oh, what about the skywriting? Turns out they were spelling the word Bond!

It was such hard work manning the sample bag stand, Scottie had to go and test out Booger Mobile's reclining bench-bucket seats and have a little nanna-nap!

It was short lived though, as the Griffith University science team were exploding things with dry ice and liquid nitrogen in the background!!

Driving home, Scottie was having a turn driving...

Back up the highway and through the city, avoiding the Gateway Bridge which is usually a debacle on Sunday afternoons...

It was dark by the time the boys got to Scottie's Hilux (which had spent the day at the BP southbound).

Scottie collected his Hilux and Damian drove Booger Mobile back to Damian's place from the BP, testing out the flash lights and LED's on the way home - they look spectacular at night Scottie said - he was driving behind!!

Scottie then did some running repairs on the Hilux then attempted to limp home... Damian will hear how that debacle ended in the next few days...

The good news is that Booger Mobile performed very well on it's first long(ish) trip. There are a couple of minor things that the boys will need to look into, but they are the topic of another blog...

Next weekend - the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree - come and see Booger Mobile there!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing him Sunday Damo and Scotty!
    Fantastic work.. hope the 'Lux picks up soon too!

  2. Drove slowly past the Science Fair in the terrible Gold Coast traffic, on our way to Seaworld, but unfortunately didn't catch a glimpse of the Booger :( (We did look)

    Glad to hear it all went ok and no more overheating dramas.

    By the way, the Gateway Bridge was flowing nicely around 5.30pm - not a debacle at all, lol.

  3. Typical @ Elli... if we had gone gateway it would have been a debacle... apparently it was in the morning, so thankfully we went through town so we could stop and get fuel!!

    You wouldn't have seen us from the road, as we were in the middle of the event, and the big jumping castles etc were between us and the road. Thanks for looking though!!

    -- Damian.

    For Booger Mobile is finally able to be driven to a car show.
    After very little sleep Damian dragged himself out of bed, to make sure the kettle would be nice and hot so he and Scottie could have one of his great coffees.WAITING WAITING whats this the phone is ringing.OMG Scotties hilux is struggling to make it to Damian's. BOOGER MOBILE to the rescue. After picking Scottie up from the BP servo and leaving his hilux there till after the more important business of getting BOOGER MOBILE to the car show.
    The day went well with the Booger looking the classical car that it is,and what great pictures Damian took so everyone can see for themselves.
    So it was smooth driving all the way there and back home, after dropping into the BP servo so Scottie to pick up his hilux.
    Well done guys doing it for the kids as always thank you.