Sunday, 8 August 2010

Pre-Rego Fiddly Stuff

Note: This blog post was far more exciting, but upon clicking post, the interwebs ate it, and Damian had to retype it completely from scratch...

Sunday morning arrived, and Scottie arrived bright and early ready for working on Booger Mobile. Damian suggested that Scottie only arrived that early because he was excited about Booger Mobile's blue mod plate. Scottie agreed with that assessment, and after a coffee and a chinwag, the boys headed to the shed to get into the day's work!

First stop - showing off Booger Mobile's nicely attached blue mod plate!! (Right hand side of the picture below, near the strut tower beside the red air horns.)

There were a few tasks to undertake today. There was a slight oil leak from the transmission that Damian identified as coming from the speedo cable. Scottie advised there was an o-ring inside there (where it connects to the BW35 transmission), and removed it, noting that it was a bit how-you-going...

Damian decided it was time to start the engine to show Scottie how the new exhaust sounds!!

Closing the bonnet to make it really seem right, the engine was left running for a while so that Scottie could check out the exhaust, and also check a few other bits and pieces...

Shock, horror!! There seemed to be a minor coolant leak coming from the front of the engine!! Why, why, WHY?????

Scottie had bought himself a flash new LED light that clips onto the peak of his cap. Damian asked him to turn his head a little so he could get a photo of the LED light, and this is the result!! Damian reckons Scottie will be disappointed if the wind changes!!

Scottie located the source of the coolant leak - it was coming from the new top radiator hose... Damian grabbed the screwdriver and tightened the hose clamp, and the minor leak stopped!! HOORAY!!!!

It was decided to remove the tappet cover to check that the head bolts were correctly tensioned, and to check the gap in between the push-rods and the hydraulic lifters. In order to do this, a new set of feeler gauges needed to be purchased, along with a new o-ring and some other bits and pieces.

In all, there were five items on the shopping list - four of which should have been able to be purchased from one location, and one from another (fuel). The shopping trip took six stops to get the five items, and one item turned out to be incorrect!! *sigh*

This is what underneath the tappet cover looks like - bolts all nicely tensioned, and gaps checked and adjusted.

The tappet cover and air cleaner were replaced, and Damian then installed the new Claxton Horn that Scottie had purchased the week before at the Nambour swap-meet. That's it on the left of the picture below! Damian wired this in to a push button on the dash later in the day.

The new o-ring was installed, and the minor leak was resolved!!

Shortly after that, Damian received a couple of surprise visitors - Nat and Jack - a pair of campers from Camp Quality!! Jack is one of Damian's senior campers, and Nat is a senior camper also.

They were fortunate enough to go for a test drive in Booger Mobile!!

No camp related set of photos is complete without a self portrait!! This one is quite a cracker - five people and Booger Mobile!!

2010 will be Jack and Nat's last camp with Camp Quality - this will be a happy occasion, tinged with a lot of sadness... These guys and other campers like them are the reason why Damian does Camp Quality, and the reason why the boys are raising money with Booger Mobile - so dig deep!!

Jack and Nat agreed that the front seat was quite comfortable!! Hopefully Damian and Scottie will think the same by the end of esCarpade!!

The radiator needed to have a bit of special additive added, so Scottie had to make room by removing some of the lovely green coolant...

And what do you know, the special additive was also green!! HOORAY!!

Scottie, ably assisted by his apprentice Jack, installed the windscreen washer bottle. Later Damian will wire it in to a switch on the dash.

Booger Mobile is now mechanically ready to go for it's Safety Certificate and then be registered (of course it needs to pass it's Safety Certificate first). Prior to taking it for this, Damian needs to put the rear seat back in and some door trims back on, but hopefully, this will happen in the very near future!!

Stay tuned, it will be a momentous occasion when Booger Mobile is registered!!!!!


  1. Pre Rego & Fiddly Stuff.
    The excitement is in the air as the Booger Mobile is almost there.With just the Safety Certificate check,and then its rego time.
    It was such a exciting blog that Damian had written but alas it disappeared into thin air, when he went to post it.Well that's the way life is lets just have another go.Hopefully it will be just as exciting as the first one was.
    Sunday Sunday its Booger Sunday Scottie arrived nice an early,and not just for one of Damian's famous coffees,but also so they could have a great chat about the exciting news of the Booger Mobile passing inspection for the Blue Mod plate.Well done Team Booger Mobile a mighty effort had be made to get the Booger this far and you have been rewarded for for all that hard work.
    The Booger Mobile's engine bay is looking fantastic and its even better now with the Blue Mod plate attached.Just a few task for today,but oh no not an oil leak, luckly it only a minor leak and Scottie soon worked out where it was coming from with a bit of help from Damian, what great team work.
    I'm surprised that Scottie didn't start the engine up straight away,so he could at last hear how sweet the Booger now sounded with the new exhaust fitted.
    Shock horror the Booger Mobile is leaking green boogers,what ever can be wrong.Thankfully it was only a loose hose clamp on the top radiator hose, which Damian soon had in hand and no more leak.
    Shouldn't be many shopping trips left to do now,but this one was no different from any others, with not being able to make all of the purchases need at the one store.
    With everything now looking great and the leaks fixed, there will only be a few minor things for Damian to finish and have the Booger Mobile all ready for the safety check.
    What a great surprise to have Nat and Jack come to visit,and how lucky were they to get to go on a test drive.
    Just look at those wonderful smiles,even Scottie had a big grin on his face.
    2010 seniors camp will hold great memories for everyone, with knowing that Damian will always be there for them doing what he does best, always with a smile for all,someone who they can rely on.Damian@ doing it for the kids.
    Another great day of working on the Booger Mobile has come to an end..But the excitement will be building for Damian and Scottie will soon be driving the Booger Mobile in the Camp Quality esCarpade 2010.
    Thank you Damian and Scottie.

  2. What the hell is a tappat??? Why wasn't there a photo of it by itself... it seems important enough!!!!

    Good work bro and Scottie!!!

    Bestest Wishes and Cuddles... Lawz

  3. Laura - see the diagonal picture above that has text above it that says "this is what's inside a tappet cover"... they are the tappets...