Sunday, 29 August 2010

Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree


If you don't want to know the result of Booger Mobile's trip to the
Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree, look away now



While Damian was busy with Booger Mobile sorting out the thermostat housing on Saturday, Scottie was up to his elbows in grease inside the engine on his Hilux... literally!

Sunday morning rolled around, and Damian headed north with Booger Mobile to collect Scottie from his house, then head to the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree.

Any time is a good time for a self portrait!! Just takes precision timing!!

On the way, the boys met up with Damian's brother Jason and his son Jake (and Jake's mate Dillon) in Jake's chopped 1972 VW... pretty awesome bit of kit for a first car, eh?

Scottie decided to do a bit of chrome polishing while Damian set up the table.

More polishing...

Last year, the boys entered this event with Booger Mobile on the back of a car trailer... 12 months later, it got to the event under its own steam!!

Booger Mobile was entered into two categories - Category H for Special Interest vehicles, and Category J for Competition, Rally, Drag Cars etc... even though the esCarpade is not a competition, Booger Mobile has basically been set up as if it will be a rally car.

There were quite a number of cars at the event this year, although not as many as the year before - the early morning showers might have scared a few away...

That said, the quality of the vehicles at this year's show was exceptional!!

During the day, Teena, the mother of one of Damian's former campers stopped by to say g'day and check out Booger Mobile...

Meanwhile, Scottie took the opportunity to tighten a few loose bolts on the extractors - they have a tendency to need an extra little tighten shortly after installation due to the heat...

At last it was presentation time, and the boys headed over to the presentation area, not really expecting anything to come of it - how could Booger Mobile compete with the drag cars that had been starting their engines and revving them, drawing huge crowds each time...

Category H came and went, but no trophy for Booger Mobile... Category J came along, and to the surprise of the organisers, the boys and the crowd in general, Booger Mobile won!! (The categories were voted on by members of the public and other exhibitors.)

Damian (in his usual calm and quiet manner) let out an almight "WOOHOOOOOOOO" and literally turned a cartwheel while heading up to collect the trophy...

And what an impressive trophy it is!!

Scottie was driving on the way home, which was via Teena's place to visit Nik (g'day Nikkers), with Damian in the passenger seat grinning like a cheshire cat and moving the trophy in time to the music...

Back at Scottie's place, it was time for a few more trophy photos...

Impressive isn't it?

Then Scottie took his daughter Tahlia for a drive in Booger Mobile... horns blaring, lights flashing, the whole box and dice!!

Bye Scottie and Tahlia!!

When they returned, they both were clearly stoked!!

And the boys posed for a photo with the trophy...

Tahlia wanted to be in the blog again, so she had a turn holding the trophy aloft...

Scottie then did his best with a blue steel pose on the front bonnet...

All in all, the day was a huge success... That said, there are so many things left to get done over the next 6 weeks or so that the boys' heads were spinning...

It's going to be busy and exciting... stick around for the journey!!


    Well I don t need to say much this blog the pictures tell the whole story.
    BOOGER MOBILE was always destine to do great things,and this is just the start,for there will be greater things to come for BOOGER and TEAM BOOGER MOBILE on this very special journey to the Camp Quality 2010 esCarpade.
    Well Damian and Scottie as I has always said you are both so awesome,and really deserved to finally have something goes your way.
    Thank you I coulld't be happier for the both of you. :) lol