Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pre-Rego - Finally Ready!!

Before kicking off the exciting blog post about how Booger Mobile is almost ready for rego (still), Damian thought you would like to see a couple of pics from a party he was at last night. He and his family attended a very special 8th birthday party for a very special girl who is a Camp Quality camper, and belongs to a family who Damian is particularly close to. It was a dual celebration as she also celebrated being FIVE YEARS off treatment!!

The party was an "S" themed dress up party, so Damian and his family all went as Superheroes!! Damian dressed up as Captain Underpants (you can't see them in this picture, but they are big and white and on the outside of his trousers!), and his delightful wife Tricia went as Suuuuuuuuuusan from Monsters vs Aliens!

At the party was another Camp Quality parent Carmen (well there were quite a few), who had dyed her hair green - Damian says it was in support of Team Booger Mobile - Carmen says "errr... yeah, let's go with that..." Damian suspects he simply hijacked her hair colour for a blog post!!

Anyway, it was a marvellous celebration of one little girl's zest for life, and also allowed Damian in a rare moment of seriousness to be humbled by the kind words directed towards him regarding the difference he makes to the families in Camp Quality.

Damian is thankful that he gets to be part of the lives of so many families through Camp Quality, and is inspired to do more.

You are now returned to your regular blog post!!

Moving onto Sunday morning, Scottie arrived after a bit of a sleep-in, had a caffeine hit and headed up to the shed to check out Booger Mobile. What's on the agenda today he asked Damian... first job - there's a tiny spot of oil underneath Booger Mobile - the source needs to be found and fixed!!

An item was located that were weeping transmission fluid ever so slightly - turned out to be where the speedo cable attached. This was removed, resolved and reattached!!

Damian then tightened the battery clamps, checked the terminals etc, tightened all wheel nuts and generally had a good check over of Booger Mobile.

Once the leak had been fixed, the boys took Booger Mobile for a drive to get the fluids circulating and warmed up, so that they could be checked and topped up. Once this had been done, Scottie moved on to chicken-wiring the front half of Booger's head.

The boys and stopped to go for morning tea, before returning to check on the leak status... THERE WAS A DROP OF OIL AGAIN!! Damian suggested reversing Booger Mobile out of the shed so that the angle of the entry and the concrete would give Scottie more room to work.

Damian was right!! Scottie now had plenty of room to crawl around, and located another (ever so tiny) leak where the T-bar shifter mechanism attached to the transmission. This was removed and the leak fixed and reattached...

Scottie finished wiring up the front half of Booger's head - looks awesome, doesn't it?

The boys checked underneath the car - no leaks!! Damian got to work soldering some wires onto heavy duty metal plugs for Booger's head (lots of ideas for lights - stay tuned in coming weeks).

The boys took the car for another drive to get the fluids circulating, then parked it back on the concrete again... still no leaks!! Scottie decided to try his hand at some of the finicky work that Damian was doing - here he's cleaning the dust out of the amber rotater!

After lunch, the boys returned to the shed to continue doing much the same as they'd been doing earlier - they checked under Booger Mobile, and STILL NO LEAKS!! Finally, it seemed that the sneaky little leak that had been dripping every so often had been plugged once and for all!!

A little while later, Team Booger Mobile received a visit from Damian's friends Paul and Catherine, who along with Catherine's mother had been putting money into a tin each fortnight so that they could sponsor Booger Mobile...

Here's Paul handing the tin over to Scottie, who is ready with the can opener to see what's inside!!

The suspense was palpable...

The lid was removed, and the boys were surprised by what they saw!!

Scottie tipped the contents of the tin onto the shed floor, and counting revealed that Team Booger Mobile had their latest Silver Sponsor!! They just need to decide what they want on their sticker now!!

Damian showed Paul and Catherine what Booger's head looked like on the roof, before taking them for a lap in Booger Mobile (narrowly avoiding a head-on with Tricia who was driving down the driveway after coming home from the shops)!!

Damian also attached the green valve caps... not quite the same colour, but close enough!!

With Booger Mobile now ready for it's Safety Certificate (and rego), Scottie decided to have an early mark... Paul and Catherine stayed for a visit with Damian and his family, getting a personal rendition of the Saga of Booger Mobile - turns out Catherine hadn't seen it on youtube!!

Damian gave Catherine a new Team Booger Mobile cap, which she proudly modelled!!

Damian noticed his name written on the tin, and thought it was quite funny, so here it is!

As you have seen, it turned out to be quite a weekend. Booger Mobile is now ready to have it's Safety Certificate inspection and (if it passes) be registered, Team Booger Mobile have a new Silver Sponsor, and Damian got to dress as a superhero with his undies on the outside!!

Booger Mobile is booked in for it's Safety Certificate inspection on Monday, so stay tuned for a very exciting blog post if it passes!!


  1. Hope all goes well. We are off to Leyburn next weekend. Ready to race!


    What a wonderful celebration it must have been.
    How super does Damian look as Captain underpants,and his beautiful wife Tricia looking fabulous as Suuuuuuuuusan in the blonde wig, what a stunning couple of Super hero's.
    You can hijack anything or anyone green,Damian after all it is the Booger Mobile colour.Well with that great smile on her face it looks like Carmen was only to happy to be hijacked for a picture to be taken for the Boogers blog.
    Damian @seriousness is a very rare occurrence.
    You have touched many peoples lives with your caring ways,always willing to be there helping to bring smiles to so many children and their families.Thank you Damian you are most certainly an "INSPIRATION" to everyone.
    Now that the Booger Mobile is almost ready for the safety check and rego, Scottie was able to have a bit of a sleep in.But of course he still needed to have one of Damian's coffee,s for thats a must have.
    With only finding a couple of minor oil leaks, and a full check of everything to make sure the Booger Mobile was well and truely ready to pass the safety check, and finally be registered to be driven on the road.
    With all that checked and passed by the boys, it was time for Scottie to do some work on the Booger head as Booger Mobile wouldn't be complete without it, and it will looks so AWESOME when its all together.
    What great friends Paul and Catherine are,along with Catherine's mother ,filling up a money tin with lots of coins and heaps of notes,helping bring Damian's next dream of raising $20,000 for Camp Quality a step closer.
    Welcome on board the Booger Mobile, Paul Catherine and Catherine's mother, its great to have another fantastic sponsor such as yourselves.
    Always great to watch the saga of the Booger Mobile again and again,even better when there is someone who hasn t seen it yet.
    Great to see someone other than Damian or Scottie sporting the Team Booger Mobile cap,and doesn't Catherine look great supporting the Booger Mobile all the way.
    What a great weekend it was and now Booger is on it way to have the safety check and all being well will be registered and driving back to Booger Mobile HQ with some brand new licence plates.
    Many thanks to Damian Scottie and all the wonderful Booger Mobile sponsors,all doing it for the kid.
    Camp Quality esCarpade 2010 here comes Damian and Scottie in, the AWESOME Booger Mobile