Monday, 2 August 2010

Exhaust fitted... Scottie will be surprised!!

Blog readers will notice that on Sunday Damian took Booger Mobile for a drive and reversed it back into the shed - the reason for this is about to become apparent!!

Booger Mobile was driven up Damian's driveway...

Where Damian took the opportunity to get a bunch of photos that don't have the shed in the background - first up, the driver's side...

And a close up for Damian's friend Paul (noone else will get this joke, but Paul will).

The chrome on the front looking spectacular...

And another driver's side close up... must have been a mistake!!

Nice and shiny from the rear also!

The reason Booger Mobile is up the driveway, is because it's going on a little trip to the exhaust shop to fit the exhaust!!

Darren from Tru-In-Tow arrived a bit early to load up Booger Mobile...

Damian took a random photo of the steering wheel as he walked past!!

It was time to hook Booger Mobile up...

Damian hopes that this is the last time he has to see a tow truck from this angle!!

And on it goes!!

Nice close up of the front passenger wheel!

And this is where the exhaust is going to go (in case you were wondering!!)

All loaded up, strapped down and ready to rock'n'roll!!

Driving down the street...

And to the exhaust shop!!

Where Booger Mobile sat shining in the morning sunlight...

Around lunchtime, Damian received the call that Booger Mobile was ready for collection, so Darren was summonsed once more to deliver Booger Mobile safe and sound back to Damian's place!

The exhaust looks sweet...

Especially the nice chrome tip!!

It sits quite low to the ground though, so Scottie and Damian might need to make some protection plates for it!!

Unfortunately it couldn't pass over the top of the transmission mount, so underneath it had to go, slightly lowering the clearance... another issue for the boys to think about!!

So that's the exhaust installed... check out the video for the sweet, sweet sound!!

Another interesting thing happened... a parcel arrived for Damian from the fabulous sponsor known as "Special K from WA"... what could it possibly be?

Damian had to open it to find out!!

Must be pretty exciting!!

It's a bunch of Team Booger Mobile hats for the boys to use for fundraising!! Thanks Kaye!!

There was also a lovely card thanking the boys for their efforts, and a special gift for Damian!!

Kaye loves cats, so there's no surprise there's one on the card!!

A card with cats and a box full of hats!! :-D

In other exciting news, Booger Mobile is booked in for Friday to have it's blue mod plate inspection... Fingers crossed!!


  1. WOO HOO what a fantastic holiday Booger mobile had reversed into the shed "rofl"
    Not surprising that there was a real good reason,for having Booger Mobile parked differently.
    It goes without saying that the Booger Mobile is a standout and don't Damian's great pictures show just that.
    WOW Booger is off to have a new exhaust fitted,how wonderful is that?
    Darren from Tru in Tow has arrived early,(I think he was hoping for one of Damian"s famous coffees)
    With Booger Mobile on board safe and sound Damian just had to take another picture, as he watched Booger being driven away on the back of the Tru in Tow truck.
    Was great to see Booger arrive home safely,looking and sounding incredible.
    What a great day its been for Team Booger Mobile,I can just see the smile on Scottie face when he hears that the BM has a new exhaust system.
    As the Camp Quality esCarpade 2010 draws ever closer it is a must for the Booger Mobile to get the blue mod plates. All the best for the inspection on friday.
    Well it was a very exciting day all round for Team Booger Mobile,can wait till the next blog update

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