Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Special arrival!!

Just a small blog post today to share some news... First of all, there's only SEVEN WEEKS AND TWO DAYS till the boys leave Brisbane to head to the esCarpade!!! AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

Now that is out of the way, here are a few pics. The first one is a chalk drawing of Booger Mobile that Damian's boys drew - it's kicking up rocks down the back paddock with the sun shining and reflecting off the bonnet and the headlights are on, with fluffy white clouds overhead... pretty good isn't it?

Next cab off the rank was another special arrival courtesy of Special K from WA... What really gave Damian and Tricia a laugh were the stamps... the package was LITERALLY covere front...

and back with five cent stamps!! The black sections are where the addresses have been removed, the rest are stamps!!

Inside was an awesome froggy card that stands on its own, and some more Team Booger Mobile hats for fundraising or giving away as needed!! Thanks Kaye, your support really does mean a lot to the boys!!

Now for an update on Scottie's Hilux problems... Regular readers would have seen in the last blog that Scottie's Hilux has gone pop-frizz-clunk... He's now pulled half the engine apart to find some kind of big end bearing explosion has happened. With luck, Scottie will get it fixed in time to come to the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree on Sunday!!

One last thing - the second and third prizes have now been listed on the 2010 Major Raffle blog - check it out at http://boogermobile.blogspot.com/2010/07/major-raffle-awesome-prizes.html


  1. LOL Love the 5cent stamps!!!

    OMG Australia post must have been very quite,and have a lot of extra 5 cents"STAMPS" to get rid of to do some thing like that, at leastit was a good laugh and the parcel arrived safe an sound.
    The frog card looks great in between the TEAM BOOGER MOBILE caps.
    Thats a fantastic picture Damian's two sons drew.Do you think their trying to say that is the BOOGER MOBILES parking spot.
    TEAM BOOGER MOBILE are AWESOME and I for one will always give them my full support in what ever way I am able
    Thank you Damian and Scottie