Monday, 30 August 2010

Another day, another exhaust!!

Well, remember on Sunday at the Nambour PCYC Motoring Jamboree there was a picture of Scottie lying under the car... you remember - the show where Booger Mobile won a HUGE TROPHY!! (Alright, that's the last time that will be mentioned in this blog post.)

He was looking into why there seemed to be a leak from the exhaust manifold where it joins to the extractors.

Damian looked under the car and noticed that the fitted exhaust had sagged considerably - sadly he didn't think to take a photo of it, but this is how low it was after it was first fitted...

Note the lack of ground clearance below the green cross-member.

It had sagged a good 1-2 inches lower than that - you couldn't even roll a can under it!!

Damian took Booger Mobile to a different exhaust shop (Burpengary Performance Exhausts) where he asked for the exhaust to be fixed. Ground clearance was key, and the issue with the leaky manifold/extractor gasket needed to be resolved.

The problem with the leaky manifold was simply caused by a bent bolt... You can see the slight bend in it below - this causes it to tighten up even though it's not actually pulled the extractor tight up against the manifold.

It was also deemed that the existing muffler wasn't suitable - it was a 1 and 3/4" muffler on a 2" system - apparently this would cause the engine to run hot... hmmmm....

The muffler was also moved from in front of the rear axle to it's correct location between the rear suspension and the fuel tank - this allowed for it to be tucked safely up out of the way!!

Check out the massive gain in ground clearance!!

And note the exhaust pipe now goes around the green cross-member rather than under it!!

And the view from the front looking towards the back is breathtaking - look at the ground clearance!! No part of the exhaust pipe or muffler is lower than the rear diff.

This is the old muffler - apparently the silver patch on the right hand end (or something nearby there) indicates a hot spot to those in the know...

And looking from the rear on the side where the muffler is back towards the front...

Of course, Booger Mobile kept it's nice, shiny chrome tip!!

One task down, many to go!! Sometime this week (hopefully) will be a wheel alignment and a tune up (including carby adjustment)...

Stay tuned!! (Pun intended!!)


    This is no ordinary monday,because its the day after the BOOGER MOBILE was proclaimed to now be a SHOW CAR.
    But it had been noticed that Booger Mobile exhaust didn t seem quite right,so it was off to another exhaust shop Booger Mobile did go.WHAT a fantastic job Burpengary Performance Exhaust did making the perfect system,looking all neat and tidy with the right ground clearance
    Great pictures as always Damian, lucky you found that bent bolt before it did too much damage.BOOGER MOBILE has had to many things go wrong, but didn t stop you and it won't be long and TEAM BOOGER MOBILE will be at the Camp Quality 2010 esCarpade.

  2. WOO HOO
    I finally caught up not to bad for a cripple rofl
    can t wait till the next exciting adventure of the FANTASTIC CLASSICAL BOOGER MOBILE NOW A SHOW CAR.

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