Saturday, 4 September 2010

Accelerator Cable Debacle

With only 5.5 weeks until the boys head to the Camp Quality esCarpade for 2010, it's time to really knuckle down and get the rest of the stuff sorted out for Booger Mobile!

Sadly, Scottie's Hilux has blown up completely now, and he needs a new engine... couple that with having to work today, and Damian was left to his own devices to try to resolve the accelerator cable issue...

Cue Jason from Jason Sheather Plumbing, Booger Mobile sponsor and Damian's brother!! Jason arrived bright and early, and found Damian had already removed the air cleaner and accelerator cable etc. After having a look at the issue, Jason decided that the first thing to do was to commence angle grinding stuff!!

There's the offending bracket - the awesome bracket that Scottie made was now causing grief - Damian suggested removing it and mounting it higher!

But Jason had a better idea!! After scouring the XD wagon looking for suitable bits to use, he returned with this!! Scottie's bracket was removed and put to the side for future reference, but all going well, it would no longer be needed!

A little angle grinding... (note that Jason uses the same safety boots as Scottie!!)

Throw it into the vice for some drilling and whacking with a hammer...

And it's time to bolt it in to see how it fits!!

So far so good... looks like it has improved the angle somewhat!

Time to paint it! This time, using silver heat proof paint...

This angle shows the way it will bolt on... giving the newly made bracket more height so that it pulls on the angle rather than horizontally...

As shown in the picture below!!

But of course, that seemed all too easy - where was the debacle?? Oh, there it is... when attempting to connect the cable, Damian and Jason ran out of adjustment, as the distance is now greater due to the angle...

Damian located an old alternator bracket - it would be the perfect size for an adjustable mount (with some careful angle grinding!!)

Jason carefully drilled another hole in the existing bracket...

And before you could say the magic of the interwebs, the new bracket was bolted on, and some heat-shielding cloth tape was applied to try to minimise the heat...

All finished... or was it?

Things still weren't going quite right... Jason removed the existing linkage connectors...

And after some careful measuring, decided to cut a new one out of a thick piece of flat steel!

A little bit of minor adjustment...

And the purchase of a new accelerator cable spring and adjustable carby linkages, and it was good to go!!

One minor problem though - the accelerator pedal stayed down when pressed - time for another spring!! Damian retrieved the accelerator pedal spring from the XD wagon, and with a bit of ingenuity it was attached (running parallel to the hand brake)...

After watching the fireworks with his family, Damian returned to the shed to complete the installation of the new Coga PA system that had been purchased via eBay... It has a bunch of inbuilt sounds, and also allows for the recording of a single sound at a time for storing in memory!!

The speaker is mounted just behind the front grill on the driver's side...

And with that, the night drew to a close. Damian had high hopes of getting a whole heap of stuff done to Booger Mobile, but sadly only managed to resolve the accelerator cable issue and install the Coga PA system.

Will the boys ever get Booger Mobile finished????


  1. A fresh set of eyes gives new prospective, halves a problem and solves it. Thanks for all your hard work Jaason , it has realy helped move things along. Thank you :-)

    X2 for Damian

    Seems not a day goes by without some debacle happening with the Booger Mobile, and with Scottie not being able to help because of the dilemma with his hilux now caput only added to the woes of getting the BOOGER MOBILE finished in time for the Camp Quality esCarpade, which is drawing ever closer.
    Thankfully Booger Mobile has some wonderful sponsors, one of them being Jason Sheather, Damian brother, who came to help with the Booger Mobile.With Jason help Damian managed to at least resolve the accelerator cable problem and install the Coga PA system.
    It may not seam like a lot was finished but a there was a great deal of work done getting the cable issue resolved.
    Great pictures as always thank you Damian and many thanks to Jason for coming and saving the day.
    Well done guys BOOGER MOBILE will be at the Camp Quality esCarpade because of all of your hard work