Monday, 20 September 2010

Aqualogical visit, underbody protection and radio appearance!

Monday, Monday... Damian is completely neglecting his clients at this point in time in a bid to get Booger Mobile completed prior to esCarpade in just over 3 weeks time...

First stop - visiting Doug and the team at Aqualogical!

Doug gave Damian a six-pack of "Aqualager", Aqualogical's own beer - Scottie's sure to enjoy them (since Damian doesn't drink beer!!)

After leaving Aqualogical, Damian headed towards the workplace of another esCarpade entrant (and CQ family member) Tony, with the purple Commodore - car 808.

Pretty flash looking storage case on the roof and lights!!

Tony had organised for one of his staff to help Damian make an underbody protection panel for Booger Mobile. Up on jack stands it went!!

Damian then noticed the sticker on the back of Tony's car... looks like there may be some friendly rivalry between the classic not plastic Booger Mobile, and the plastic not classic Commodore!!

This is a large, noisy machine used for cutting sheets of steel. Damian's guess is that it's some kind of hydraulic press.

Here's the piece of steel being measured up...

And slid under the car to see how it lines up!!

After marking some bends, it was time for angle grinding so that the 5mm thick checkerplate steel could be bent.

And some gentle persuasion to get the bends just right!!

Starting to take shape now!!

Cutting a notch out of the front so that it sits neatly around the front tow-hitch.

Drilling pilot holes... Damian would drill the larger holes for the bolts later in the day.

This blurry photo shows the rear mounts for the protection plate - they've been welded onto the transmission cross-member.

And in true Team Booger Mobile style, Damian painted it black!!

And here it is installed, ready for the esCarpade!! One more item completed!! Team Booger Mobile would love to thank Qld Thermo King and Anteo for the use of their resources!!

After a long and monotonous stop/start drive home in the rain (over an hour and a half), Damian had a bite to eat and then headed off to 99.7FM (Redcliffe community radio station) to be special guest with Manny on his Aussie Music and Bush Poetry show.

Damian got all kitted up with his cans on (headphones), then snapped a self portrait...

Before attempting to take over the control panel... What does this button do???

And what sequence of photos would be complete without an awesome self-portrait...

Damian even wrote a little bit of bush poetry for Manny's show - about Booger Mobile of course!! He will probably record it and throw it up onto youtube in due course!

In the mean time, there continues to be a ridiculous amount of work to get done to Booger Mobile... time's slipping away...

Stay tuned!


    But it also has to be a BOOGER MOBILE MONDAY and Damian will have to put his clients on the back burner for now,as the Booger Mobile must be finished in time for the Camp Quality esCarpade its only just over three weeks away and there doesn t seam to be enough hours in the day,for Damian to finish everything.
    The day started with a visit to another of the
    Booger Mobiles great sponsors Aqualogicol.They were so delighted to see Damian and the Booger Mobile.Damian left with a six pack of Aqualager their own brand of beer(was it green rofl)Scottie is sure to enjoy that.
    From there it was off to see Tony, another esCarpade entrant at his work place as he had organized for one of the workers to help Damian make a under body protection panel for the Booger.While there Booger Mobile took some time to check his competition in car 808 a purple holden commodore.
    The great pictures tell how the making and fitting of the under body panel thanks again Damian.
    That night Damian was co hosting on the radio station with Manny on 99-7 FM and he just slotted into the part like a pro just look at that great smile must have been a great night,well done Damian.
    Hurry up and put your Booger Mobile Bush Poetry poem on youtube,know it will be a masterpiece
    Thank you for all you have done and will keep on doing for Camp Quality.

  2. Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder about getting it up onto youtube... I'll see how I go in the coming days...

    -- Damian