Friday, 17 September 2010

Back from Barry Mac and onto pre-scrutineering...

Friday rolled around, and Booger Mobile was ready to be collected from Barry Mac. Damian headed out and heard about the things that Barry was able to resolve, got a list of things to look into over the coming weeks, and some parts to use for Booger Mobile.

Barry removed the metal fuel line and replaced it with a flexible rubber one, which would assist with keeping it cool.

Damian took Booger Mobile home, washed it and went to visit Drift Bodyworx - Trent was there this time and had a good look at Booger Mobile!! Damian also visited Blow-In Shopfitting and caught up with Craig and Sheree, collecting some goodies for the event in the process.

Returning home, Damian put some engine flush through Booger Mobile, then drained the oil out.

While the oil was draining, Damian set about replacing the existing fuel filter (plastic bodied paper filter type).

Barry had supplied a Z200 metal cased filter that was much better.

Goes in the same position, but is a far superior filter with better performance and a tougher exterior - win win really!!

After replacing the oil filter and filling Booger Mobile up with oil, Damian received a call from Ben (the esCarpade route coordinator) that he and Gordon (the esCarpade chief mechanic) were up at the Sunshine Coast (doing their final route notes ready for esCarpade), and they would like to do pre-scrutineering on Booger Mobile.

Initially Damian was going to head up the coast, but they had a change of plan and came to Team Booger Mobile HQ to check out Booger Mobile...

Here's Gordon lying under the car!!

Turns out Booger Mobile was in pretty good shape - Gordon provided Damian with a list of items that he recommended be resolved prior to esCarpade - some fairly simple, some requiring a little more thought/money. Damian will get onto these in the coming weeks

3 1/2 weeks until esCarpade... aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!

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  1. WOO HOO Boogers back from Barry Mac's,after some special care,he had changed a few things to make Booger preform better, and had a few excellence suggestions for the boys.Some of which Damian got stuck into as soon as he was back at Booger Mobile HQ.Well done Damian as there is no time to waste.
    On the way back Damian took the opportunity to visit a couple of sponsors who were delighted to have him and the Booger visit.
    After doing some of the tasks on Booger,Gorden and Ben from the esCarpade scrutineering team arrived to give Booger Mobile the pre scrutineering check so that all would be well (no breakdowns) on the esCarpade.Lucky it was just a few minor things that need to be done to help make Booger safe for the long drive in the esCarparde.
    Well done today Damian,thank you.