Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wiring continues...

With the esCarpade getting closer by the day, Damian headed up to the shed to get some of the fiddly wiring tasks sorted out. first up was soldering in the thick wire for the orange rotator...

After attempting to make the super-thick wire that was specially purchased fit, Damian gave up and returned it to the auto store, swapping it for the next size down (which fit much better into the plugs).

Next cab off the rank was to make a mount for the three fixed sockets - these will be permanently connected to the roof rack, with sockets for the lights inside Booger's head to be plugged in to. That way, Booger's head is removeable without having to unsolder anything!!

And ready for painting...

While the bracket was painting, Damian installed the button for the windscreen washers (after running the wire to it), and a fused positive wire to the cigarette lighter.

The bracket was dry - time to work on the sockets!

Of course, it wouldn't be a day working on Booger Mobile if there wasn't some debacle. One of the sockets self destructed while Damian was testing it - turns out that there was a slight misalignment of the holes from the factory. After several attempts and a few minor modifications with a really small drill bit, the plug fit the socket beautifully.

The below image shows the results of all the wires that were sorted out today for the plugs and sockets...

Wiring is such a fiddly task, it was disappointing that Damian didn't manage to get more wiring completed - however it should simply be a case of hooking it all together, running the wires back to the fuse box and switches, then installing the lights into and onto Booger's head joining the appopriate sockets onto them!! After that, plug into the sockets and they should all work!!

Sounds simple when you say it quickly!!

Damian is away at Camp Quality Senior Camp this coming week, so there won't be any blog updates until Friday. Have a great week!!

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    The wiring on the Booger Mobile seams to be never ending, but Booger will be a shining star when lit up in the night on the Camp Quality esCarpade.
    Time is passing so quick and Booger must be in perfectly safe and running order for Team Booger to be at the esCarpade,keep up the great work and you will be there for sure.
    Nothing is ever simple when it comes to the Booger Mobile.