Friday, 1 October 2010

Camp Quality Senior Camp 2010

Snappy blog update before Damian gets back to the wiring in the shed... Damian spent the week at Camp Quality Senior Camp... here's a selection of photos from his week!!

Spent some time at Dreamworld - went on this ride with some campers (taking them out of their comfort zone)...

Went on this ride with some campers as well!!

On another day some of the campers rode these super-cool retro hire bikes around the Coast...

Naturally there was crafty activities such as beading and scoobying, and some t-shirt screen printing!!

And of course - the disco. This year's theme was Rock Gods and Rock Divas... Here's Damian after getting his make-up on...

And in costume as Cher from "If I could turn back time"

Another year has gone by, and another group of campers had their last Camp Quality camp (including one of Damian's)... Lots of fun, lots of laughter, a few tears and many happy memories!


    Well that's what Camp Quality is all about and its great to see just how much fun was had by everyone.
    Damian@fishnetlegs,well what can I say that has not t already been said (rofl)maybe if you were wearing a nice pair of high heels it would have not looked so hilarious,but when you come down to it all, the camper would of had a great laugh seeing you all decked out like that.
    Well done Damian always doing it for the kids.
    Thank you

  2. C is definitely tired!!
    Oh and when DID his voice break????? :P
    Glad you had fun Damo.. good to have you back. :D