Sunday, 24 October 2010

Raffle Prize Delivery

Now that the boys were back from esCarpade, the only thing left to do for 2010 was to deliver the raffle prizes.

The second prize winner Peter wasn't home, but his mother graciously accepted the prize on his behalf!!

The first prize winner, John, was delighted with his prize, and commented that it was so big, the house might fall down because the weight would be uneven!!

The third prize was won by a lady who works with Scottie's wife Katie, so Damian dropped the prize off to Katie for her to deliver on Monday.

2010 is now done and dusted... there will be some updates as interesting things happen, and they will ramp up considerably as the boys approach 2011.

Thanks to everyone who supported Team Booger Mobile, read the blog, left comments or just got a smile from the boys efforts!!

1 comment:

    Couldn,t get much more special,when you have Team Booger Mobile rock up to your front door to deliver the great prize that you have won in their raffle.Now I am really wishing I had won a prize so I could have had a special delivery by the AWESOME Team Booger Mobile.rofl
    Well done