Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kedron All Ford Day 2010

After what seemed like 5 mins sleep (but was more like 4 hours), Damian and Scottie were up and about, and off to the All Ford Day at Kedron!! The boys attended last year with Booger Mobile on a trailer (see this blog entry: and it was great to be heading off in Booger Mobile under it's own steam!!

Damian snapped this photo just as Scottie drove out of the shed - the newly lifted rear suspension ensured that there was no scraping of the towbar or exhaust tip on the way out!!

The inclement weather (it rained off and on most of the way down) kept numbers down from last year, but there were still a good number of quality vehicles on display...

And of course, Booger Mobile!!

Looking down the line of cars...

As you can see, lots of empty space around the place!!

Booger Mobile - entrant 174!! No trophy this time - not surprising really, there were some awesome cars on display (and this competition is judged, rather than being voted by the viewing public).

Having sold one lonely raffle ticket (although Damian did give out the details of one of the sponsors to a passer by - hopefully they will remember to mention they saw the sign on Booger Mobile), the boys decided to call it a day at the All Ford Day around lunch time and head back to Team Booger Mobile HQ to replace the transmission pan gasket!

After Damian demonstrated to Scottie how easily removed the underbody protection plate was, the boys loosened off the transmission pan and drained the fluid...

Damian and Scottie felt that they were having deja vu all over again!!

The new pan gasket was fitted using a different type of gasket goo this time. Last time, the gasket goo hardened and cracked - this is probably what caused the leak (from vibrations). This time, the silicone based goo should stay flexible and hopefully leak free!!

Once the pan gasket was fitted and the pan bolted on, it was time for Scottie to head on home. Damian continued working on Booger Mobile to get the resistor fitted between the tacho and the coil. This task is required to stop the tacho needle from bouncing around due to the points ignition system - it's not required on vehicles with an electronic distributor.

Of course, this took far longer than it should have, but the end result was awesome. Neatly done, soldered beautifully, and wrapped and stashed!! No photos, as they aren't that interesting - it's a piece of wire with heat shrink tube on it attached to the coil!! ;-)

Oh, one last thing - TEN DAYS TILL ESCARPADE!!!!!

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  1. What a shame the Kedron all Ford day didn't turn out as well as expected.
    Even tho there was some fantastic cars there,(almost as great as the Booger Mobile)but because of the rain coming an going,not many people attended the show,which was a great shame as last year Booger Mobile was on a trailer, and this year the boys were able to drive it there.
    Great Idea to head back to Booger Mobile HQ around lunch time therefore getting some much need time to work on Booger Mobile.
    Great pictures of the transmission fluid being drained,so the gasket can be replaced.
    Even tho the day wasn t as good as expected,Damian and Scottie managed to do an excellence lot of work on the Booger Mobile.
    Well done thank you for all your hard work, doing it for the kids.