Saturday, 23 October 2010

Day 8 - Goondiwindi to Warialda... err... or home!

The final day of esCarpade arrived - a snappy couple of hundred kilometre journey south to Warialda.  Since the boys were stuck on bitumen with Booger Mobile, and there were several other teams going straight home from Goondiwindi, the boys decided that Goondiwindi would be their final destination for 2010. 

It made very little sense to them to drive 200km down the bitumen, only to turn around and drive back again!!

Booger Mobile parked at Goondiwindi as the boys headed to breakfast...

These cars seemed to be tired - they were all sitting on the grass near the gutter!!

The boys said their good byes at the breakfast venue, and also waited at the checkout point to say good bye to the others as they rolled out!

Damian noticed the spelling mistake in this otherwise spectacular sticker!!

One of the Gympie teams were on the OKA trailer having some work done - hopefully it could be fixed enough that they could drive home!!

The boys fueled up and headed up the highway - you know you are in the bush when you pass machinery such as this on the road!!

Lots of long, straight roads...

Suddenly, the boys passed a teepee... had they made it all the way to North America???

Up the range and into Toowoomba they went...

Stopping at the servo to fuel up and check the fluid levels...

Booger spent the time watching traffic go past!!

Follow the signposts - they can't possibly steer the boys wrong!!

Very steep descent ahead... or as the boys like to say - stunt car landing ramp ahead!!

Do you think there's a steep descent ahead?  It's hard to tell from all the signage...

Down, down down...

Past the big red elephant...

Past spectacular views across the valley...

Head north young men!!

What's that spec in the distance???

It looks green...

It's the boys!!  They've made it home safely!!!

Lights and horns blaring...

Damian's boys were so excited...

Reversing back down to the shed...

And Booger Mobile is back where it belongs, safe and warm!!

The boys travelled a total distance of 3325km, using 611 litres of fuel.

They raised a grand total of $6380.50.


  1. Well done fella's


  2. Sorry you had to cut things short, but a great effort. There is always next year.

  3. What a fantastic journey the Awesome Team Booger had on the Camp Quality esCarpade 2010.
    Seems just like yesterday when they decided to build the mighty BOOGER MOBILE for the esCarpade.
    That was not an easy task,but Damian and Scottie took it all in their stride not allowing anything stop them from achieving their dream.
    Thank you Damian and Scottie it is a great thing that you have done.
    The blog update were so informative and help to show everyone just what the esCarpade is all about,with so many pictures of things many people would not get to see other wise.
    Yes that's right your are the oh so AWESOME Team Booger Moblle in the classical show car "BOOGER MOBILE"
    Great to see Damian once again with short brown hair,but the long green was fantastic effort and what a lot of money was raised from having it all cut/shaved off.