Saturday, 2 October 2010

Wiring, springs and Scottie!

Damian completed the back half of Booger's head before going to bed on Friday night, but didn't actually remember to include it in the blog - so here it is now!!

The inside looks a bit odd, partly because the shadecloth hasn't been trimmed yet, and partly because it's the inside of a large shadecloth head!!

Damian had also collected the newly engineered sleeves for the lower control arms - they are far thicker than the originally purchased ones, and definitely look to be a better fit... When Scottie arrives, the boys will see how well it does fit!

Damian headed to the shed to get started on the installation of the wiring for the items in and around Booger's head... Here are the female plugs mounted and ready for wrapping...

And half way there... this wrapping sure takes a lot of effort!!

Tricia popped up to the shed to take a photo of Damian working on Booger Mobile - it's about the only way he makes it into the blog - he's usually too busy taking photos of Scottie's handiwork!!

This is the new fuse box that Damian has created - look how neat that wiring is!!

Damian received a phone call from Scottie letting him know that he was stuck in traffic on the highway - Damian heard on the radio that the traffic was backed up a long, long way!!

Scottie eventually arrived with his Hilux (with newly rebuilt engine) looking decidedly muddy!! Turns out he had taken a short cut through the state forest to avoid the huge traffic jam. One of the benefits of owning a 4wd!!

Scottie brought with him the newly reset rear leaf springs - they had been raised 50mm (2"), which funnily enough made them the same shape as the original springs - however, these have more leaves and are heavier duty, so Booger Mobile should get quite a nice lift from them!!

Scottie got to work installing the rear leaf springs while Damian continued wiring...

This is the spaghetti factory that Damian is responsibile for!!

Once the leaf springs were in, it was time to check out the ride height of Booger Mobile - it's significantly higher than it was!! Damian is going to find the old pictures of Booger Mobile and compare the height, but not tonight!!

Plenty more ground clearance now!!

Next cab off the rank was the installation of the front and rear rated tow hooks - these are used for recovery purposes - either towing out someone, or being towed out yourself!!

As always, Scottie found an excuse to use the angle grinder!! This time, it was after snapping the tip off the drill bit he was using, so he needed to put a new point on the drill bit...

And here's the rear tow hook installed...

And through the magic of the interwebs, here's the front one!!

The driver's side window is continuing to give the boys grief, so Scottie tried to gently persuade it to behave by using a large screwdriver...

The boys took the opportunity to do a few things from their list, including the installation of the last remaining chrome strip!!

Here it is installed!! And Booger Mobile is now complete!! (Well, all the chrome strips are on...)

The boys will be taking Booger Mobile to the All Ford Day at Kedron on Sunday, so if you are around, feel free to drop by and say g'day!!

There are now eleven days until the boys head off to esCarpade, and still so much to do! The raffle is also drawn this week, so if you don't yet have a ticket, you had better contact Damian or Scottie ASAP!!

1 comment:

    This is the month the Camp Quality esCarpade is held,how quick it has come around.
    The Booger head is coming along nicely and will look fantastic when its finished,and proudly on top of the Booger Mobile.
    The wiring of this and that on the Booger Mobile seam to be taking forever.
    But is worth the time and effort when finally completed. It is all looking perfectly neat and tidy,well done Damian.
    Many thanks Tricia for the picture of Damian working hard on his wiring task.( I noted there was no long legs showing,we have already seen them rofl)
    When Scottie finally arrived in his mud splattered hilux,due to having to take a short cut thru the state forest to avoid heavy traffic.He brought with him the new reset rear leaf springs,which he starting installing after arriving at Booger Mobile HQ.
    With both the front and rear tow hooks done and several other thing crossed off the list it had bee3n a very productive day working on the Booger Mobile.
    Well done Damian and Scottie the Camp Quality esCarpade is fast approaching but the Booger Mobile will be there in all its glory thanks to all the hard work by Damian and Scottie.