Sunday, 10 October 2010


Sunday morning rolled around, and a very excited Scottie showed up to Team Booger Mobile headquarters with a bag full of kit ready for esCarpade!! After having a bit of dress-up fun and a cup of coffee, it was time to head to the shed!!

First job for the day was to replace the rapidly failing starter motor with a brand-spanking-new out of the box starter motor!! The old one is on the left, the new one on the right!

The boys were amazed at the size and weight differennce between the two...

Scottie installed the new starter motor...

While Damian had more stitching to do on Booger's head - filling in the space where Booger's nose is... They both finished at precisely the same moment, much to the amusement of each other!!

After the fill in, it was time to paint on some nostrils...

While Damian did that, Scottie tested the starter motor - would such a small device start the mighty Booger Mobile? Scottie got into the driver's seat and turned the key... nothing... turns out he had neglected to reattach the battery!!

After reattaching the battery, he turned the key again... still nothing!! Scottie figures that he's accidentally connected the wires back to front, so out he gets, disconnects the battery, switches the wires around and tries again... NOTHING!! Much to Damian's amusement, Scottie had again forgotten to reattach the battery cable... After much fun and laughter, it was time for morning tea.

After morning tea, Chris (a camper from Camp Quality) whose last camp was Senior Camp last week (as he's now turned 18) stopped by to check out Booger Mobile.

He had also brought with him a first aid kit and safety triangle as a donation from Autobarn at Logan City (where Chris's Dad works). Check out the flash new Autobarn sticker!!

Scottie then demonstrated the correct way to open a tool chest that had a snapped off key stuck in its lock!!

Meanwhile, Damian and Chris were discussing how best to paint on Booger's eyes... Scottie came over to have a test spray to make a suggestion, and Damian was so impressed he insisted that Scottie repeat the process twice more to do the actual eyes!!

They turned out awesomely!!

Scottie went back to what he was working on, while Damian got cracking on some eyebrows...

Green eyebrows of course!!

Next was the fun job of spraying green hair onto Booger's head!!

From the front he still looks a little worried...

But he shouldn't be - from the back his hair is awesome!!

After a trip to the auto parts store and hardware store to collect some more supplies, Damian commenced attaching LED lights to Booger's head... First the green LED's on his nose...

While Scottie worked on an engine chaining device for added engine protection...

While Damian completed the first two lots of LED lights and moved onto the boogers!!

Close up of the LED lights... you can see how they look when lit up shortly!!

Chris proved to be a dab hand at soldering and wrapping wires... thanks for your help Chris!!

Scottie was busily welding the chain for the engine tie-down, and came wandering through calling for the camera... one of the links was glowing red hot!!

And here's the completed tie-down chain!! It has two tie down points that connect to the engine (front and rear) and connects in the middle to the chassis side of the engine mount.

And connected to the engine (this shot is from below)!!

Here's Booger's head on the roof, with lights blazing...

And another one....

And yet another!! This one with a ghostly Damian in the windscreen...

Scottie completed a nut and bolt check to tighten and mark the nuts underneath the car, he also did a grease top-up as required.

All in all, the boys got an excellent amount of work done today... Only four more sleeps till esCarpade!!

1 comment:

    Scottie come with a bag full of fun,and doesn't he look great,with his bug eye glasses and booger green beard.
    How fantastic Scottie and Damian are going to look as they are on the journey in the esCarpade.
    So after the dress up fun and one of Damian great coffees it was time to work on the Booger Mobile.
    First up Scottie removed the old started moter and installed the spanking brand new one.But alas as always something just has to go wrong,what can it be? when Scottie went to turn the key to start Booger nothing happened,opps whats this the battery is not connected (rofl)
    In the meantime Damian was doing some face painting on the Booger head,and Scottie show him how to paint the eyes,wow don t they look great.
    Damian painted some green eyebrows and some really AWESOME green wavy hair looks just like Damian hair except for the colour,isn t that cool
    With some help from Chris with the wiring Damian got the Booger head on top of the Booger Mobile, and didn't it look fab all lit up.
    What a great day it was having a lot of fun as well as getting a great deal finished on the Booger Mobile.
    Thank you Damian Scottie and Chris