Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Two more sleeps... hair sorted and fuel fund started!

Damian took Booger Mobile onsite for show and tell with his major client. Ashley's hand makes a guest appearance in the photo below!!

To celebrate Booger Mobile, and wish Damian luck on the esCarpade, some of the staff had prepared all manner of green foods for morning tea!!

Damian decided that tucking into a bright green pancake would be a good starting point!!

The green quiches were delicious, even if green is somewhat disconcerting for an egg colour!!

Bring out the jelly shots!! Sadly these were non-alcoholic ones...

Mel found an interesting pattern emerging on her plate - a bright green trail of *something*!

Then it seemed funny for people to suggest what Damian should load his plate up with!!

After morning tea, the staff passed the hat around and collected money for Booger Mobile's fuel fund - with a total drive of around 5000km (including get there and get home), there's going to be a loooooooooooot of fuel used!!

During the day, Doug's wife Jennifer had called to see if Damian was wanting his hair redone. After a bit of discussion, it was decided to have another crack at Damian's hair to see if it could be made a brighter green colour.

This time, Rusk Scream hair colours were used - a combination of Radical Yellow...

And Electric Blue! (Go on, admit it, you started singing Electric Blue by Icehouse!) Damian did!!

The photos taken while Damian was having his hair coloured this time were all self portraits... Damian is the King of the Self Portrait!!

First up - waiting patiently...

Close up of the Rusk Scream Electric Blue bottle of hair dye.

Mixed together made an interesting shade of dark aqua greeny bluey colour... Would it combine with Damian's bright limey yellow hair to form a bright green?

Only one way to find out!!

Quite an impressive mullet from this angle!!

Self portrait to get Doug into the picture!!

And time to sit and wait...

After a 30-40 min wait and an eternity in the shower rinsing and then conditioning his hair, Damian attempted Blue Steel with his green hair!!

Doug decided to blow dry Damian's hair so that he could see the true colour!

It's green, and it's bright!!

Like a smiling bright green mop!!

And tied back... looks awesome!!

From behind!

And a top of head self portrait to finish up!!

Well, what an awesome day... only two more sleeps, but still so much to sort out... it's going to be a big night tomorrow night!!


  1. Gee I'm sure we could have spared some Forest Green... or even my turquoise that seems to go a rather bright green!! ;)
    Looking ace now Damo!!!

  2. Much nicer colour on you, although the first one was closer to Booger's paintwork ;-p